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    Shri Dasam Granth Sahib Does Not Support Manusamriti

    Gurfateh Note: as per his unique style writer vijaydeep Singh writes in third person where das stands for writer. So it is in narrative style in third person. Das(vijaydeep Singh) came across an article by Bhai Harmanjeet Singh who uses title “Akali” with him. As Akal and only Akal is God of...
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    Sikh News Dasham Granth 300 Years

    Gurfateh Das is sorry for delay but wants to put the poster of even das got from www.sikhawareness.com :: View topic - Dasham Granth Prakash Divas iews of Dalkhlasa are also given from link. =DAL KHALSA=Taksal setting wrong precedent by holding Akand Path of Dasam Granth...
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    Sikh News Dasham Granth Darpan Online

    Gurfateh At present there has been a sort of match by anit Dasham Granth lobby to undermine the verse from Tenth Guru due to influnece of our Respected Kala Afghana Sahib. due to oppsing it further there has been oppositon to Baptism as well belvfie that Tenth Master wrote any Bani at...
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    Dasam Granth: A Study

    What is the Dasam Granth? The collected writings of Guru Gobind Singh are known as Dasam Granth ("Scripture of the Tenth "). The writings of the poets in his court comprise a different scripture, known as Vidiya Sar ("Pool of Knowledge"). According to a famous history of the Sikhs written in...