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  1. aristotle

    Nature NGOs Request Akal Takht To Take Up The Issue Against GM Crops

    AMRITSAR: On the occasion of Sikh Environment Day, a group of environmentalists and members of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) on Friday called upon the Akal Takht to take the lead in preventing the entry of genetically-modified (GM) crops into Punjab. The NGOs submitted a joint...
  2. Vikram singh

    Fears Grow As Study Shows Genetically Modified Crops 'can Cause Liver And Kidney Damage'

    Fresh fears were raised over GM crops yesterday after a study showed they can cause liver and kidney damage. According to the research, animals fed on three strains of genetically modified maize created by the U.S. biotech firm Monsanto suffered signs of organ damage after just three...
  3. N

    Sikh News Rains Lash N. India, Paddy Crops Damaged

    Chandigarh, Oct. 3. (PTI): Moderate to heavy rains lashed many places of north India since yesterday, damaging ripened paddy crop in many areas of Punjab. Ludhiana received 13.4 mm of rain followed by Patiala which got 19.8 mm while light rains lashed Ropar and Amritsar, the Meteorological...