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  1. S

    Gurbani Wichar

    gurbani wichar
  2. spnadmin

    Ardaas: Line-by-line Contemplation

    This is new - ARDAS Punjabi Version <> vwihgurU jI kI Pqih] 1, O FORMLESS-FORM TO WAHEGURU, THE ABIDING VICTORY...
  3. Astroboy

    Gurbani Contemplation - Selok Bhagat Kabir Ji

    Dear Members, I just enrolled myself as a student of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Academy Malaysia and hope to present the syllabus online so that anyone else can also be a cyber student, along with me. The classes are held in KL and Seremban on Sundays for 90 minutes and these two books are the first...
  4. K

    The Mental Stages Pertaining To The Contemplation Of Naam

    Came across this article which is a good read. It refers to some of the topics in discussion recently too. By sevatothemax Team The Mental Stages Pertaining to the Contemplation of Naam - Part 1 of 2 WaeguruJeeKaaKhalsa WaheguruJeeKeeFateh!! Dear Sangat Jee, The sevadaars in the...
  5. Astroboy

    Meditation Techniques

    This thread invites postings from all members on the various meditation techniques irrespective of one's faith and religious background. To start with, here's one called Simran Healing (by Gurmit Singh) download pdf file: Simran Healing - eSnips, share anything
  6. A

    Contemplation Vichaar

    Term 'Vichaar' comes in SGGS Ji multiple times. "Amrit Vela Sach Nao Vadyaai Vichaar" Vichaar has been translated into English word: 'Contemplation' Definitions of Contemplation: Contemplation comes from the Latin root templum (from Greek temnein: to cut or divide), and means to...
  7. N

    Japan Inspires Quiet Contemplation, American Style (The Beacon News)

    My fifth-grade art teacher always wanted us to use our 6-inch voices, and I never quite understood what she meant. Now, though, I believe she must have spent some time in Japan...
  8. N

    Thomas Merton: Leading Us Toward Contemplation (Arlington Catholic Herald)

    He was only 53 when he died, and had only been a Catholic for 30 of those years, but Thomas Merton found a way to touch the contemplative within all of us. http://us.rd.yahoo.com/dailynews/rss/search/buddhism/SIG=120bkea4h/*http%3A//www.catholicherald.com/articles/05articles/merton.htm