1. Gyani Jarnail Singh

    The Ritual Consumption Of Food And Sikhism

    Yes Jios..the Hallal method is prohibited due to its.. 1. Religious/ritaulised/and SACRIFICIAL Connotation. 2. Halla was ( still IS ) one way the Ruling/Majority MUSLIMS enforced their dieting and syariah Laws upon all subjugated/ruled peoples. Since a SIKH only bows to AKAL PURAKH...such...
  2. H

    Consumption Of Alcohol Amongst Sikhs

    Recently I was sent a form from DSGMC (Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee) for inclusion of my name in the voters list for election of DSGMC. Among other things that I was asked to fill, was a declaration that I am a Sikh who: Maintains untrimmed kesh Does not smoke or consume tobbacco...
  3. K

    How Much Meat Do We Eat? Consumption Statistics How much meat do we eat? Consumption statistics As I was driving out in the country recently, I looked out over hills that were totally denuded of native vegetation - just pastures and paddocks, most of them...