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  1. Harre

    British Sikh Report On Mental Health 2018: Thoughts And Critique

    Please read the latest report on British Sikhs and Mental Health: http://www.britishsikhreport.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/British-Sikh-Report-2018.pdf It would be great to discuss this report, how it represents sikhi and spiritual perspectives on mental health and depression. What does...
  2. M

    Sikh Independence Struggle And Indian Colonialism

    Dear All, During a casual survey of the net, I came across the following link. Didn't know what to do with it. So posting it on SPN. Hope it's not out of place over here. YouTube - 7TH JUNE 2009 SIKH FREEDOM & REMEMBRANCE RALLY PROMO VIDEO - 25 YEARS SINCE 1984 - SIKH GENOCIDE...
  3. dalsingh

    Sikhism Book Review: A Norfolk Soldier In The First Sikh War

    Buy this book at SPN Book Store Background J.W.Baldwin was a soldier in a infantry regiment that was part of the attacking British force who fought against the Khalsa army in Panjab. This invading army consisted of British soldiers as well as various sepoy regiments from other parts of India...
  4. K

    General 157 Years Of Colonialism And Subjugation Of The Sikh Nation

    157 years of colonialism and subjugation of the Sikh Nation Wednesday 16th of August 2006 Editorial by A. Soni August 15th is not the day of Sikh liberation, but of Sikh capitulation to modern India The year 2006 marks the Sikh Nation’s 157th year under foreign rule. Of...