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  1. K

    NEW MP3's From The Gurmat Class In English By SevaToTheMax

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  2. Admin

    Sikhism The Sikhs In Canada: Migration, Race, Class And Gender

    >>--> Buy from SPN Shop Published: November, 2003 Book Description : This book studies the migration and settlement of Sikhs from India to Canada, and looks at the socio-economic and cultural lives of that diaspora. It deals with gender, community, family, identity...
  3. N

    Class Teaches Cultural Diversity, Warrior Spirit (DCMilitary.com)

    It's not often that Naval Academy classrooms are visited by a monk, but it did happen recently. Midns. 2/C Johannes Schonberg and Dan Friedman invited a Shaolin monk to their "Code of the Warrior" military ethics class taught by Dr. Shannon French of the leadership, ethics and law department...