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    Charitropakhyan Charitar No 19 - The Tale Of Nadira Bano

    The 19th Charitrar I used this Charitrar (thankfully it comes early in the text, even though in my own personal look at the Charitropkhyan, I have not made it this far.) first because I wanted to look at it, as it was clearly troubling not only the members of this forum, but also an admin. The...
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    Charitropakhyan [Part V] Charitropakhyan - Analysis And Clarifications Of Sri Sabudh Baach (Charitar No. 404)

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh Guru Roop Sangat Jeo, Guruji has shown immense kirpa - the fifth article in the series is now complete. Sabudh Baach is a deeply engaging story, with many important moral lessons to be learnt from it. It provides a nice, in-depth analysis of various...
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    Charitropakhyan [Part Iii] Charitropakhyan – Analysis And Clarifications Of Charitar 21-23 – Story Of (A)Noop Kaur (

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh Guru Roop Sangat Jeo, With Guruji's blessings, here is an analysis of the (in)famous Charitar - The story of (A)noop Kaur. This is the Charitar that darshan ragi used to distort the essence of Charitropakhyan at Rochester, NY. We all know what happened...
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    Charitropakhyan [Part I] Charitropakhyan – Introduction And Analysis Of Chandi Charitar Khojeee (Bhai Prabjot Singh)

    Charitropakhyan - Introduction and Analysis of Charitar No.1 - Chandi Charitar Source This composition of Sri Dasam Granth - completed at Sri Anandpur Sahib in Bikrami 1753 (1696 AD) -...
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    Ex-Jathedar Giani Savinder Singh Firmly Condoning The False Story Mentioned In Charitar 21,22,23 Is

    Ex-Jathedar Giani Savinder Singh firmly condoning the false story mentioned in Charitar 21,22,23 as a real life account of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Sikh Sangat may listen to the video and decide for themselves... he belongs to the same paneeri of Akal Takht Jathedar who excommunicated Prof Darshan...
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    Booklet On Chandi Charitar (Shahbaz Khalsa), Reply To Issues By Dalbeer Singh Ji

    Gurfateh First Article about Dr Hirdaijeet Singh Bhogal’s article of Chandi Charitar Ek Vishleshan. Point1. Being a pure mythological literature, it could not be a Gurbani ,this is what Comrade Dalbeer Ji are trying to deduced. A red salute to him. Why can not Gurbani be a spiritual...