1. S

    Sikh News Rally Venue In Ratia Changed (The Times Of India)

    Fathehabad administration stated on Sunday that Sikh organisations have agreed to shift the venue for their proposed rally on July 11. More...
  2. Arvind

    Role Of The Gurdwara Changed To Meet The Needs Of The Sikh Community

    Following msg is taken off from "Introduce Yourself" thread. This msg is actually posted by beanface aka Simon. Hi all. My dissertations official title is " In what ways has the role of the Gurdwara changed to meet the needs of the Sikh community in Diaspora?" It was made with help from my...
  3. N

    Sikh News Terrorists' Operational Tactics Changed In Punjab: DGP (Outlook India)

    Claiming to have apprehended 24 terrorists in the past fortnight in Punjab, state police today said the force had observed "basic changes" in the working of these outfits from those adopted during the period when militancy was at its peak in the state...
  4. Admin

    Would Your Life Not Be Very Different If You Changed Your Piece Of Carpet

    Have you ever noticed how the way you feel about yourself sometimes depends on whether or not you get confirmation of your value from others? When you enter into challenging situations with a positive self identity you will discover that you are living your life with a greater sense of enjoyment...