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  1. spnadmin

    Celebrating Sikhi Art By Bhagat Singh Bedi

    Celebrating Sikhi Art by Bhagat Singh Bedi November 6th, 2009 Bhagat ji It is wonderful to see how you have been publicly honored at Sikhnet. At SPN we value your talent, spunk, creativity and intellect. Therefore we are thrilled that you have designed our...
  2. Admin

    Khakis On Canvas

    Khakis on Canvas : Paintings and Drawings of the Great War As Sikhs began appearing on the battlefields, hospitals, towns and farms of Europe during World War One, for many it marked the first time that they had ever seen a Sikh in real life. The appearance of the Sikhs generated a level of...
  3. Sinister

    General Painting Without A Canvas (part 2)

    Does 'Truth' require belief? cheers
  4. Sinister

    General Painting Without A Canvas

    :idea: A false belief may be judged harmless and even pleasurable, as may be the case with the benevolent light in which most of us see our minor foibles, few would consider interfering. But clearly there are times when people are dangerously wrong, and we foolishly or unfoolishly feel the...