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    Buddhism Advent Of Buddhism Shaped The Course Of Our Culture - PM (Daily News)

    Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapakse yesterday observed that the advent of Buddhism in the country shaped the course of its culture, and all other aspects such as irrigation,agriculture tradition and architecture...
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    Buddhism Aniston Laughs Off Buddhism Reports (BreakingNews.ie)

    Actress Jennifer Aniston has laughed off reports she has turned to Buddhism in a bid to get over her split from Brad Pitt. The former Hollywood golden couple shocked fans when they announced their split in January - Aniston subsequently filed for divorce in March...
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    Buddhism Taoism & Buddhism

    It is always present in you. You can use it anyway you want. ~Lao-tzu Taoism and Buddhism are the two great philosophical and religious traditions that originated in China. Taoism began the sixth century BCE. Buddhism came to China from India around the second century of the Common Era. These...
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    Christianity Why Do I Believe In Jesus? An Ex-sikhs Journey In Faith

    Why do I believe in Jesus? (An ex-Sikh’s Journey in Faith) What makes Christianity different from all other religions in the world? Why is Jesus different from the likes of, Mohammed, Buddha, Guru Nanak, Krishna and Rama? Let me begin by emphasizing that I am not going to get into the details...
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    Buddhism Miracles In Buddhism

    Taken from other resources
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    Buddhism Naturalized Concept Of Karma In Buddhism

    Critical Questions Towards a Naturalized Concept of Karma in Buddhism By Dale S. Wright Department of Religious Studies, Occidental College, Los Angeles, California <A href="mailto:mills@augsburg.edu">wrightd@oxy.edu Abstract Abstract: In an effort to articulate a naturalized concept...
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    A Nice Website On Buddhism

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    Buddhism Buddhism Anatta And Rebirth

    Buddhism teaches that their is no unchaning soul, with out a soul then what expierences rebirth. Buddhism teaches kharma and rebirth, but it also teaches that we have no soul. How does this work