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  1. S

    Who Is To Be Blamed For Sikh Youth Going Away From Roots?

    What do u think is the reason behind the Sikh youth going away from its roots n its basics?? Is it the influence n tactics of the government or neglection of the parents towards the need to make dere kids realise the value or importance of our Identity our Kes our Pagg n our Kakars?? Getting...
  2. findingmyway

    Alcohol Blamed For High Suicide Rates In Northern Ireland

    Alcohol blamed for high suicide rates in Northern Ireland Alcohol and drugs are fuelling homicide and suicide rates in Northern Ireland, a new independent report by University of Manchester researchers has found, with alcohol appearing to be a key factor for the country’s higher suicide...
  3. R

    Laptops And Cellphones Blamed For Male Infertility

    Experts say that function of the scrotum is to always keep the temperature of the testes slightly lesser than the overall body temperature, which ensures the quality and quantity of sperms. If the temperature becomes high the sperm count is affected. A RESEARCH conducted by experts on male...
  4. Archived_Member16

    Poor Governance At Sikh Shrines Blamed For Marring Community’s Image

    Poor governance at Sikh shrines blamed for marring community’s image Inderjit Singh Bal, who led a conclave to discuss the roots of last month’s violent fights at two temples, says shrines need new governance rules that ensure democratic accountability Gurmukh Singh Globe and Mail Update...