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black magic

  1. S

    Controversial Curse, Black Magic (aka Toona) And Evil Spirits

    Sat Sri Akal ji. Right now i am going through toughest time of my life. A life changing business opportunity gets cancelled for no reason , it happened 2-3 times. I rather never been to rock bottom like right now. I am not too much into superstitions but in last 3 days nearly 3 people suggested...
  2. G

    Help Please! Trapped Between My In-law's Beliefs And Mine

    how do you change this trend? my nephews (age 10 & 14) put up an argument with me in terms of religion. Their ability to convince their parents about cutting hair was absolutely shocking. the kids argued that it is more important to be close to God by heart, and mind, not physical appearance...
  3. Sher_Singh

    Nanak Has No Miracle

    Guru Fateh Sangat Jeo. As you all know that in Sikhi we are forbidden to believe in miracles. I read a line which is in the Guru Granth Sahib Ji and would like the Gurmukhi script to it, shabad name, verse, page number etc. I no what the english translation is but i am asking you, my fellow...