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  1. spnadmin

    Why Do People Act 'out Of Line' With Their Beliefs?

    Why people act out of line with their beliefs Ever been forced to defend a particular position and ended up believing it? You’ve succumbed to one of the most famous theories in social psychology. http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20130312-why-we-act-against-our-beliefs Despite all the...
  2. Astroboy

    Christianity Is Science Undermining Early Christian And Jewish Beliefs

    I found this video to have re-constructed some of the the meanings from the Old Testaments. Please view and give your comments. Ancient Aircraft & Spaceship Evidence - YouTube
  3. M

    Evolution And Sikh Beliefs

    Hello, My understanding is that Sikhism believes in a form of evolution or can be interpreted as such from certain passages in the Guru Granth Sahib (about life beginning with the oceans and the oceans beginning with the air, etc). Assuming this is true, how does the principle of Kesh fit...
  4. spnadmin

    What Are The Benefits And Rewards For Living A Good Life In Conformity With Your Beliefs?

    By Balpreet Singh, The Ottawa Citizen July 11, 2010 Balpreet Sinh is legal counsel and acting executive director for the World Sikh Organization of Canada. The key benefits of living a life in conformity with Sikh beliefs are twofold: understanding and fulfilment. We all...
  5. Admin

    Sikh Beliefs: The Philosophy, Principles And Practices

    By Daljit Singh Each religion is based on the teachings of great thinkers or inspired souls like the Great Gurus, or the Tenth Masters and it is through this path, that one overcomes the problems. Panth in Sanskrit means way or route and in the Sikh faith is come to be known as Panth. The Sikh...
  6. G

    Help Please! Trapped Between My In-law's Beliefs And Mine

    how do you change this trend? my nephews (age 10 & 14) put up an argument with me in terms of religion. Their ability to convince their parents about cutting hair was absolutely shocking. the kids argued that it is more important to be close to God by heart, and mind, not physical appearance...
  7. Admin

    Do Beliefs Make A Difference In How Two Faiths Adjust To Life In The UK?

    Do beliefs make a difference in how two faiths adjust to life in the UK? Of course. Hinduism and Sikhism are incredibly different religions. One is polytheistic, the other monotheistic. One needs pages to define its practices and customs, the other a couple sentences. One supports offerings in...
  8. Admin

    Arts/Society Your Religious Beliefs Alter Your Brain

    A neuroscientist at the University of Pennsylvania, Andrew Newberg has done medical brain image scans on Franciscan nuns, Buddhists, Pentecostals, Sikhs and Sufis as they pray or meditate, all in his quest to map the effects of spirituality on the mind. The author of How God Changes Your Brain...
  9. Archived_Member16

    Your Religious Beliefs Alter Your Brain

    source: TheStar.com - Mind & Mood - Your religious beliefs alter your brain, says author Andrew Newberg Your religious beliefs alter your brain, says author Andrew Newberg SHUTTERSTOCK IMAGES Believing in a higher power alters your grey matter, says a neuroscientist...
  10. K

    Atheism Atheists Attacking Beliefs

    It happens a lot in my days at school, people don't single me out but they perceive anyone who believes in God as dumb. Almost nobody believes in God at my school, and it is getting worse as time goes. In a class of 30 today I was the only one who believed in God, which some kids found amusing...
  11. S

    Beliefs And Contribution Of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj

    Other beliefs and contributions of Nanak Dev ji Guru Nanak had many beliefs which were not popular at the time but are now widespread. Equality of Humans during the time of Nanak caste based discrimination was deep rooted in Indian society.Nanak preached against discrimination and prejudices...
  12. L

    Sikhs Beliefs Revisited

    Sikh Beliefs Sikhs believe in the following: There is one God: God made everything. God is called Satguru – "True Guru" and Waheguru - "Wonderful Guru". Sikh basic beliefs are summed up in the words of the Mool Mantar, the first hymn written by Guru Nanak and part of Japji Sahib, the first...
  13. M

    Basic Sikh Beliefs

    Sadh sangat I am trying to put together an article about basic sikh beleiefs. Its incomplete still as I need to write about Guru and Gursikh. Please provide your feedback - it will be read by prospective sikhs - (people cusious about sikhi but dont know much ) Basic Sikh Beliefs: The sikh set...
  14. J

    Radhasoami - History & Beliefs

    Something more about their belief system: Radhasoami - Their Belief System The principles of Radhasoami Faith are basically a true methodology of realizing the Supreme Truth - God, which is present in all individuals as Soul - this is the essence of God in man. In order to realize God in...