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  1. bscheema

    At What Age One Should Take Amrit, The Sikh Baptism

    waheguru ji ka khalsa wahe guru ji ki fateh i had this question in mind , because one of my friend when he had baby months ago ,he baptized him with amrit , and i was thinking nd got confused....and still
  2. bscheema

    Amrit Ki Hai - The Meaning Of Sikh Baptism

    http://www.gurmat.info/sms/smspublications/amritkihain/ "The fragrance of the ambrosial Divine Name of God is so sweet and engrossing that its aroma is incomparable. It surpasses the fragrance of sweet smelling earthly objects like musk, sandalwood and other aromatic essences. All the foul...
  3. T

    Amrit Is Not Baptism

    Amrit is not Baptism Taking Amrit, holy drink is not Baptism, and it is not right to call it so. Amrit is Amrit and it is taking Amrit to get properly inducted into the Sikh Faith. Baptism is a Christian ceremony. To make others understand, we may say, “It is Baptism like ceremony”, or “Like...
  4. Astroboy

    Misconceptions On Sikh Baptism

    Read this online leaflet and tell me how your views differ. http://www.projectnaad.com/wp-content/uploads/leaflets/misconceptions_by_baptised_sikhs.pdf
  5. Sherab

    What Is Amrit - The Meaning Of Sikh Baptism

    Online for free, please read: :: AKJ.Org :: Literature ::
  6. K

    Asaitic Journal Of 1828 Baptism Of Sikh Women Refrence

    Many accouts of guru ji's era detail that women were baptised on vaisakhi day of 1699 and afterwards also.Below is a reference from Asiatic Journal of 1828 that also says that among sikhs baptism ceremony for women was in practice and carried out in the same way as men. The Asiatic Journal...
  7. V

    Chautha Paur Or Separate Baptism For Outcastes

    Gurfateh for last 6 months or so das was a bit depressed by some observations das saw in Nihungs of the Punjab. Namly Budhadal and Bidhi Chandiya Taruna Dal both domnated by jatts. Das was to go for baptism at Delhi by Nihungs on 26.01.2007. But Baba Balbeer Singh Ji did not bring the Bata...
  8. Mary McCoy

    Impertinent Questions

    I am not a youth, far too old for that:( and Iam not Sikh, but I have been studying Sikhism on line for nearly a year. As I have been studying, a few questions have occurred to me that I can't seem to find answers to. :confused: My questions probably seem silly, and I know that they totally...