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    Mardana Listening To Baba Nanak

    Enrapt Mardana listening to Baba Nanak delivering his spiritual song Mughal circa 1740 (collection Bhai Suchet Singh Vill Bhai Rupa, Moga) from Sikh Heritage- Dr Daljeet 2004
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    Baba Nanak And 'His Islamic Chola'

    I read about this on other forum... what are your views ? Pleae read the whole article and them comment... Baba nanak and 'his islamic chola by Lakhvir Singh Lucky http://www.punjabilok.com/faith/guru_nanak/gurnan_islamicchola.htm
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    Shaheed Baba Deep Singh Ji

    Baba Deep Singh was a Gur Sikh belonging to the village Pahuwind in the district of Amritsar. He was tall, strong, and uncommonly brave. He had received baptism from the hands of Guru Gobind Singh Ji himself. He was a bold and fearless saint-soldier, ever ready to risk his life for the Panth. He...
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    Bhagats Baba Sheikh Farid Shakarganj (1173 - 1266 A.D.)

    Baba Sheikh Farid Shakarganj (1173 - 1266 A.D.) All cultures have their own distinct identity, such as music, dance, food, attire, language. Language is probably the most important aspect of any culture. Language gives culture, a unique identity, something which is so unique that only people...