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  1. Admin

    God Is Not Great

    Taken elsewhere from internet... Atheism – Christopher Hitchens in Seattle – “God is not great” Does Sikhism have a similar concept to Christianity's original sin, whereby you have sin when you are born? Does Sikhism mention what happens to atheists? Why does Sikhism encourage neutrality...
  2. Astroboy

    Atheism Sikhism And Atheism: A Philosophical Discourse

    Posts on this thread were moved from the thread, Why Sikhism? (Narayanjot Kaur) Hi Ryadd I think Atheism and Sikhism are one and the same because it doesn't make a difference if you believe in a God or not. The sun is still going to shine tomorrow; the moon is still going to orbit...
  3. A

    Atheism Sikhism Vs. Atheism

    Recently, I have been watching videos of Hawkins and few other atheists. When comparing their point of view to how God is explained in sikhi, I see that we both are taling regarding same but they say it's evolution that fuctioning and we say it's god? What are your viewpoints?
  4. S

    Sikh Atheism

    I am a proud Sikh, proud of our history and what the Gurus have done for us. However, I just cannot believe in the concept of God, who created everything, especially when science has proved otherwise. I feel troubled and divided, but I strongly believe that because Sikhism is a spiritual...
  5. J

    Why Am I Sikh?

    (Before jumping into this I think it would be polite of me to state the overall theme of the following thread. I will not be discussing why I love sikhism or how I found sikhism. Instead I will be presenting some questions from a sketpical person with sikh parents.) Why am I a sikh? Why should...
  6. M

    Atheism Atheism

    Hey heres an interesting video about atheism. http://www.harunyahya.com/m_video_atheism.php