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  1. Kamala

    Can This Image Be Applied To The Guru Sahibhan?

    http://oi52.tinypic.com/293dnxf.jpg Guru Gobind Singh Ji and Guru Nanak Devi Ji seated below... the website it's from is on the image of course. Thanks! Just want a opinion haha, no need to flame! (8
  2. Gyani Jarnail Singh

    Gurbani Is Meant To Be Applied

    GURBANI IS MEANT TO BE APPLIED O brother, follow the Shabad's teachings and dwell in Truth. Practice only Truth, and merge in the Shabad (sggs 30). Doubt departs, and fear runs away, when you focus your consciousness on God's Feet (Divine Name). By becoming Gurmukh...
  3. S

    Gurbani Is Meant To Be Applied

    Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh Source:http://www.harjot.com/posters/download/gurbani_meant_to_be_applied.jpg