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amrit vela

  1. Sikhi 24/7

    Sikhi My Prayer Time - Amrit Vela

    Time Time is a man-made construct. In Sanskrit time is termed KAAL. So we call the Creator as AKAAL, since God is beyond time. It follows then that everything that flows out of this man-made construct is also man-made. Things like 24 hours, 7 days a week, 12 months, 365 days per year are...
  2. G

    What Is Amrit Vela? | Prof Sarbjeet Singh Dhunda

  3. Sherdil

    Phantom Noises Heard In The Morning

    Some people claim to hear strange noises during early morning and meditation. They consider it to be a manifestation of the Anhaad Naad. How can this be if the Dasam Duaar (10th gate), through which we enter the Lord's abode, is only opened after one overcomes the pull of Maya on the other 9...
  4. C

    Amrit Vela - Why We Must Put It Into Practice To Hear The Inner Shabad And For Inner Cleansing

    Such a beautiful short and concise shabad that highlights the importance of regular Amrit Vela. With Guru Ji's Blessings, myself and many other lost and wandering souls that i know personally have been gently guided by Guru Ji back onto the correct path and nothing has helped more in cleansing...