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    Is Consumption Of Meat Acceptable In Sikhism?

    Is consuming meat acceptable in sikhism? If no, please give me strong points to support this. However, according to this article, we are allowed to eat meat but it should not be HALAL. Sikhism Religion of the Sikh People Thanks.
  2. D

    Sikhi Moh, Maya, Compassiona, Faith & More

    Prelude We have all been taught that Maya is money. After all, it is a simple translation. Maya is in fact, anything that has gotten a hold of you. Cigarettes, drugs, alcohol. In my case, it was astrology. And once it reigns its hold on you, it will do anything to keep you in your place...
  3. Admin

    Sikh Randhir Singh Heer | Night Club Bouncer To A Langar Icon In UK

    Night club bouncer to Langar icon in UK Once a night club bouncer, Randhir Singh Heer he is a local icon in Birmingham today after banking and financial services major TSB picked him as Pride of Birmingham and his portrait was unveiled at the Birmingham City Centre. He has already been...
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    Cigarettes Without Tobbaco And Beer Without Alchohal

    Gurfateh Das saw something like cigrattes without tobbaco, Beers without Alchohal ie fruit beer. Say Pan Maasla was there without tobbaco. In such case what should be policy of Sikh? Should such stuff with which we may have addiction needs to be avoided? Or should the title 'not good for...
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    Can A Person Be A Tankhaya By Touching Alchohal

    Ek Oankar Wahiguru Ji Ki Fateh Das is asking a serous and a person question. It happened that during two weaks ago that there was a person who owned a wine shop and he was in difficulty and Das worked with him for two days. He had a stock of alchohal based products so Das did touoched...