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  1. Archived_member7

    Can A Person Be A Kaur Or A Singh Without Having Accepted Amrit ?

    Recently i came across a collegue of mine with the title 'Kaur' attached to her name . On inquiring i came to know that she had not accepted Amrit how ever had been attaching Kaur to her name . Her family is Sikh . I still have this question if a man cannot be a Singh for the namesake how can a...
  2. S

    When Seva Is Accepted

    Dhan Dhan Siri Guru Arjan Dev Ji De Paavan Bachan- iblwvlu mhlw 5 ] Apxy bwlk Awip riKAnu pwrbRhm gurdyv ] suK sWiq shj Awnd Bey pUrn BeI syv ]1] rhwau ] Bgq jnw kI bynqI suxI pRiB Awip ] rog imtwie jIvwilAnu jw kw vf prqwpu ]1] doK hmwry bKisAnu ApxI kl DwrI ] mn bWCq Pl idiqAnu nwnk...