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Sikh History Books Travels of Guru Nanak in Sikkim 2024-07-05

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Books on Sikh History
Ajmer Singh Randhawa
Book is not for sale, its published on Scribe also, its just to aware Sikh community how India deliberately demolishes or converts Gurudwaras into places of worship in other faiths. Courts are biased, no justice is given so readers may give their opinion after reading this book.
The price of this book is only INR 10 lakhs (Rs.10,00,000/-) while the case is being heard in Court, Or this case is not decided till then. After that no one shall pay any price, no one will read, and for what? Sikh children don't even spend money on books while we do. In this case we have concluded that when any proof is needed in Court, only evidence to be recognized shall be a book not any website as the websites could be edited by anyone. Therefore I request Sikh children to study books, spend money to buy books also not only on lavishness. Ultimately the knowledge gained from books shall support and guide you throughout your life.
Ajmer Singh Randhawa.
Ajmer singh Randhawa
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