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Recent content by whateverlogic

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    Started Studying In Us, Was That A Good Choice?

    They're hesitant because I've always been saying I'm going to study in US. You know Sikh parents are like take whatever you want but stay happy, this made me cry but still made me happy.
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    Started Studying In Us, Was That A Good Choice?

    Sat Sri Akal ji, I just moved to US for studying (rigorous Physics & CS student as a background). Almost everybody suggested me to study in Canada instead due to factors like - affordable education, healthcare, work opportunities, and reachable residence that can help me escape from bad...
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    New To The States, Friends?

    Sat Sri Akal ji, I'm a Sikh who just moved to the United States. I moved to an affordable college in Wester NY (international students pay hefty tuition) and found most of the people here are full in kaam, or hankaar. It has been 6 months I'm here. So far, I wasn't able to make a good friend...