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    This Website Gives Me Chardi Kalaa!

    Welcome to SPN....... Beatiful thread..... only one thing i don't know.... What is YO? (i'm very bad with all this new short forms) it took me a very long time to find out what LOL ment back in the early 90s.
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    Sikh News It’s Official, Bhindranwale Is Dead (Deccan Herald)

    Pure biasd writer....... "lead waves of Militancy".
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    Meat - Is It Against Sikhi?

    This is the only thing i'm gonna say on this topic of Meat. Eating meat isn't bad nor good nor evil. 3 simple lifestyle rules Sikhs are taught from Gurbani is Talk less, Sleep Less and Eat Less. Eating Less doesn't mean starving or mal-nutrition. Because without this body we can't progress...
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    Wearing 5 K's And Not Amritdhari. Is It OK ?

    My personal view is that its ok that you wear them even though your not amritdhari. But i do recommend you fully understand the reasoning behind each one before you even wear them without Amrit. Difference of wearing them with Amrit and without Amrit is the understanding and respect and...
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    Is Enlightenment Only For Females?

    In bani the Soul (Surat) is given the female gender. Examples of the Soul as a women preparing to go to her In-Laws house (Akal Purkh) representing how this whole world is just tempory until we reach the house of our husband (Paakae Di Ghar). Or as a Women being abused/raped by the 5 vices of...
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    Gurus Guru Gobind Singh Ji Never Visited Harmandir Sahib, Amritsar ?

    Ok there are 2 stories floating around in my head not 100% on either (they were child hood stories) 1) It wasn't Guru Gobind Singh Ji but rather Guru Teg Bahadur Ji was refuse enterance to Harmandhir Sahib right after he was pronounced Guru Ji at Baba Bakala Sahib. The Masand that was running...
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    Hemkunt Sahib?

    I never said that Hemkunt was a more "holy" place or a place with untold holiness..... my point is most people look at it with a bad eye or wrong thought..... People tend to disregard the place as nothing but Hindu propoganda..... i'm saying its not propoganda and its a beautiful place and...
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    Hemkunt Sahib?

    First off let me say..... Gyani Ji my fact on the number of years could be wrong (Regard Guru Hargobind Ji)and for that i ask for forgiveness but there is his Phora Sahib in Kartarpur because i went and visited it myself. AS for Bhai Vir Singh Ji being wrong on Raagmaala i have no idea what...
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    Caramel don't worry Amerikaur was make a reference to the Harry Potter Book series... (good Joke) :rofl!!:
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    Short-hair Ban On Gurudwara Marriages

    Re: "Short-hair" Ban on Gurdwara Marriages I'm totally Pro for the ban. As for Hira's reply about the Sikhs before Guru Gobind Singh Ji made the modern Amrit Ceremony.......... All Gurus before Guru Gobind Singh Ji gave Amrit to Sikhs. This was called Charan-Amrit..... Guru Sahib would insert...
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    What Should I Tell Her To Do?

    TruthSeeker ji, First off let me just say i'm not getting into the meat issue. I have no opinion... if a person eats it or not makes no difference to me. Now back to the issue..... I'm guessing your friend probably is a person that likes to be "In-Fashion" type so there outward appearance is...
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    What Should I Tell Her To Do?

    Vijaydeep Ji, Its a little more complicated then that. Though that is what our final vichars should be (leaving everything up to Hukam) at this time in a persons life (Truthseeker is 15 so i'm guessing her friend is as well) TruthSeeker First off i would just simply sit with your friend...
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    Hemkunt Sahib?

    Khalsa-Raj-Karega ji........ You say no one does research or reads and that that is the reason the panth is falling to pieces..... Read Kalgi Dar Chamatkar(Life Story of Guru Gobind Singh Ji) by Bhai Vir Singh Ji (in my opinion greatest Sikh philospher... well after Guru Ji and both Bhai...
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    Sorry about calling you a guy... As for a Gutka yes i know what that is. But what i'm talking about is a different book. It has Shabads sorted out for other purposes. One section is dedicated for Shabads who main message is Ardas or Gurmukhs or Seva or War and so on. When we were growing up...
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    I confused the question. When he asked about Amrit Kirtan i thought of the little book i used to read when i was in Gurmat camp........ oh well