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Recent content by sukritkaur

  1. sukritkaur

    The Sukhmani Sahib Experience

    wjkk wjkf! I understand the purpose and meaning of Sukhmani Sahib Paath. 'Sukh' meaning peace or happiness and 'Mani' meaning mind, so this paath helps you feel at peace. But I would like to be further enlightened on people's experiences with doing this paath and how it has affected their...
  2. sukritkaur

    Controversial The Continuation Of Falsehood And Manipulation By The Impersonating Taksaal

    Re: The continual of falsehood and manipulation by the impersonaing Taksaal Gurfateh Giani Ji, I've been doing chaupaii every time i do rehras because it was in my copy of the sundar Gutka. And my parents also read chaupaii as part of rehras. So I was wondering, is it an alteration of the...
  3. sukritkaur

    Awesome Band With A Sikh

    Red Baraat is a brass band based in Brooklyn, New York that mixes North Indian wedding tunes with everything from inlfluences from Funk as well as D.C. go go beats and Hip hop. Have a listen. Oh, and did I mention the trumpet player is Sikh.(swoons) ENJOY! Red Baraat: NPR Music Tiny Desk...
  4. sukritkaur

    India For The Unity Of Sikh Brotherhood

    Kanwaljit Veer Ji, Sorry to bother but the video appears as being Private and Youtube won't let me view it :/ Perhaps, you could offer a solution. Thanks. Gurfateh, Sukrit Kaur
  5. sukritkaur

    General Punjab : The Birth Of The Uranium Anomaly

    source:http://sikhsangat.org/1699/punjab-the-birth-of-the-uranium-anomaly/ In June 2010, studies carried out amongst mentally retarded children in the Malwa region of Punjab, revealed 87% of children below 12 years and 82% beyond that age having uranium levels high enough to cause...
  6. sukritkaur

    Kirtan Kirtan Or Simran With Bass :)

    Gurfateh, Hey, look who went all out themselves :P Thanks for the videos, the first one posted was one I was unfamiliar with. It is true, I did love Rena Bhen Ji's shabads, bless her soul. I'd heard BiIbi Manjinder accidentally one day, the very same video as you've posted ^__^ You also put...
  7. sukritkaur

    Kirtan Kirtan Or Simran With Bass :)

    Zut! I had a feeling you were going to say that. Check these out: Raag Kirtan Raag Kirtan Part 1/5 - YouTube Bhai Manpreet Singh (Kanpur wale) rehansabhai kirtan 035 Bhai Manpreet Singh Jee Ludhiana @ Delhi Samagam 28-May-2011 RS, www AkalMultimedia com - YouTube Bhai Manpreet...
  8. sukritkaur

    Hemkunt-Sikhs Chasing Shadows Of Brahmanwaad!

    Gurfateh, Despite the fact that certain contents of the DG are downright appalling it seems that we decide what we will choose to support (the deh shiva stanzas) and what to disregard (the pages Harry Haller Veer ji posted). Herein lies the double standard, Gurbani is intended to be the...
  9. sukritkaur

    Kirtan Kirtan Or Simran With Bass :)

    Gurfateh mates ;) Thank you Harsh Veer Ji for your kind words, that shabad is one of my favourites as well. Here's the rest of it for your listening pleasure: PART 2/4 Acappella Jatha Full Part 2/4 - YouTube PART 3/4 Acappella Jatha Full Part 3/4 - YouTube PART 4/4 Acappella Jatha...
  10. sukritkaur

    India Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale Resurrected As Cult Icon In Punjab

    Astroboy Ji, Thanwaad, thanks for the link, I'll be sure to check it out. :-)
  11. sukritkaur

    Kirtan Kirtan Or Simran With Bass :)

    Gurfateh Everyone, This is the kirtan that I've been listening to recently, unfortunately there's no bass however the harmonies are amazing. Here's Part one, you can continue onwards to listen to the rest of the compilation (3 more parts) kirtan if you wish ^_^ Acappella Jatha Full Part 1/4...
  12. sukritkaur

    Kirtan Kirtan Or Simran With Bass :)

    Gurfateh, Sorry if this sounds ignorant, but I'm not certain what one means by '"dharmic". Do you mean traditional Kirtan with Raag or something else entirely. Sorry I want to post Kirtan but am unsure about your specifications. Good Day, Sukrit Kaur
  13. sukritkaur

    General Where Are You From?

    Re: Where Are You From ? I was watching a news report about Sikhs in Argentina and their assimilation into Argentinian society. Here's the link for those interested: Sikhism in Argentina YouTube - YouTube I am enamoured with Argentinian people, my neighbour is Argentinian and he's...
  14. sukritkaur

    India Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale Resurrected As Cult Icon In Punjab

    Gurfateh, Thanks to Gyani Ji and Astroboy for uploading these videos. Astroboy: I was just wondering if the parts of the documentary where British Journalists were talking about the Human Rights Violation were part of a larger report. I think it would be appreciated if we could get the...
  15. sukritkaur

    No Divorce Clause In Anand Marriage Bill Sets Off Debate

    SOURCE: http://sikhsangat.org/1699/no-divorce-clause-in-anand-marriage-bill-sets-off-debate/Amritsar, Punjab: The Anand Marriage Amendment Bill 2012 has been introduced in the Rajya Sabha. However, the absence of provision of divorce in the Bill has set off a debate in the Sikh community...