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Recent content by sharecharity

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    Inspirations Talk!

    Please note: SPN does not endorse nor reject the speaker's message, or the content on the linked blog. This is an announcement only. After last weeks successful talk, we have Bhai Manvir Singh coming to the Gurdwara to share his experiences in Sikhi. Please try your best to attend and to...
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    General SuperSant!

    The screen shots above are from the new iphone and ipad version of the game. The Supersant game on the main page I have edited out the main url for SikhiToTheMax to avoid overloading their site spnadmin you should be able to see the supersant game (underneath search engine and above code of...
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    General SuperSant!

    SuperSant The SikhiToTheMax are are proud to announce the release of our SuperSant application for iPhone and iPad! The game is based on the online version of Supersant, which is available at http://www.sikhitothemax.com/supersant.asp (Link edited by spnadmin) Below are a few...