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Recent content by Rory

  1. Rory

    Humanism Ireland Overwhelmed By "Godless" Weddings

    Definitely understandable in this current climate of seeming nonchalance on part of the Church here regarding the abuse scandals.. since speaking to Vouthon on here I did realize there is much more to my birth-faith than I realized. I find it very difficult however to reconcile the good of...
  2. Rory

    General Sikhi Path

    Hi Mick! Día duit agus tá fáilte roimh anseo ar SPN :) You're from a similar background to myself, being Irish and born into a Catholic family. It's interesting how Sikhi draws interest from non-Indians everywhere, even as far ashore as here. Ishna-ji's answer is essentially what I would've...
  3. Rory

    Atheism Public Atheist Monument Going Up Near Courthouse In Starke, Florida, Is Country's First

    Sat sri Akal bhenji As I see it, American Atheists have failed to achieve what they set out to do; to get the 10 Commandments monument removed. The gesture of putting up their own monument is all well and good but considering their initial goal, what does it achieve? Nothing. The Commandments...
  4. Rory

    Atheism Public Atheist Monument Going Up Near Courthouse In Starke, Florida, Is Country's First

    Seems like tat-for-tat, but at least American Atheists are fighting the power. Even if it is with the only petty weapon they were supplied by said power. Oh well.. same thing, different day.
  5. Rory

    Sikhi Vs Islam - I Never Thought I Would Be In This Position To Need To Explain

    It sounds like this is just a job you're going to have to do yourself Akashaji. When people misunderstand you, widen their knowledge and give them a good explanation of what you believe and give them a lot of chances to ask questions. I noticed that when people tell others about their beliefs...
  6. Rory

    World Sikh Man Loses Garda High Court Court Challenge To Turban Decision

    Disappointment but it seems there's no way around this, the small print pretty much puts this man at a disadvantage. I do know that there is at least 1 full-time Garda who is Sikh and wears turban, though he did have to fight for it - so Sikhs who work as full-time Gardaí are totally within...
  7. Rory

    Guru Nanak In Vedas

    This interests me too though, does it not give Sikhi credibility? Are these verses actually in the Vedas?
  8. Rory

    Changing My Last Name To Kaur

    I think Gyani-ji is right, this decision is between you and Guruji, if you don't see it that way then maybe you should postpone. I think you should bear in mind when making this decision and others like it, that no Sikh has authority over you whatsoever. From what I know, most people who call...
  9. Rory

    Changing My Last Name To Kaur

    Hey Akasha, I want to say you're really an inspiration to me and it's really nice that you regularly post on here, you seem to be really making progression and you should be proud of yourself. You seem so sincere and focused :) This shouldn't even come into your mind.
  10. Rory

    Fauja Singh - Can't Imagine Life Without Running Shoes!

    I love reading Fauja Singh's interviews, I don't think I've ever read an interview from anyone more genuine than Fauja-ji. Big respect for this man! It is interesting how being active makes you happy. I'm a few days away from being 18, and until about a month ago I had never done any sports or...
  11. Rory

    Covering The Head In Different Religious Traditions

    What do you think it is about head coverings that make them so common as a sign of reverence towards religious activities/places/values? Nearly every religion has some form of head covering, whether it be full-time or for ceremonial purposes, modesty or respect in a place of worship etc., but...
  12. Rory

    World Self-ish Deportation?

    lol This made my day.
  13. Rory

    Hi I'm Interested In Sikhism

    You can read the Shri Guru Granth Saheb (also spelled Sri Guru Granth Sahib or Siri Guru Granth Sahib, no big difference) online in English at a few different locations. Here are some good ones to begin with...
  14. Rory

    Hi I'm Interested In Sikhism

    From what I know, Sikhi is relatively disinterested in the lives of non-Sikhs (a refreshing difference compared to many other religions). I'll put it this way; there's no punishment for not being a Sikh. The most important thing is to live a good and meaningful life, you do not need to be a Sikh...