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Recent content by Roop Kaur

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    World Hosni Mubarak Resigns As President. Power Handed To Armed Forces

    Such exciting news! Congratulations Egypt. Long live democracy! Love and strength your way!
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    Bani Pro - Good Pronunciation?

    Hi again Ishna Ji! So I just looked at and listened to some of the Japji Sahib ... I must say, her punjabi is quite AWESOME! There are a few things which I might say differently, but 99.999% of it is pretty spot on! Like for example, the line "Ajuni sai bhang" ... she says "Aaajuni sai bhang"...
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    Bani Pro - Good Pronunciation?

    Ah, I know exactly what you are trying to say Ishna ji. It's just like me ... I tried to learn Farsi a while back but found it extremely difficult in that I wasn't sure whether my pronunciation was right. I didn't want to go make a fool of myself by saying a word wrong here or there when...
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    India Food For The Body And The Soul

    I just read this! Great to see Australian newspaper informing the community about the beauty of Sikh seva. Makes me feel so very proud :happykudi: May Waheguru bless us all with the opportunity to one day do seva at Harmandir Sahib Rab Rakha.
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    Bhayaa Deewana Shah Ka

    Spnadmin ji, thank you! It would be absolutely lovely to find out who this mysterious voice belongs to! Rab rakha
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    Bhayaa Deewana Shah Ka

    Sat Sri Akal my fellow SPN'ers! I'm hoping I've posted this where it should be. Although I'm sure the marvellous admin will move it if required :grinningkaur: I came across this shabad the other day, and was simply blown away by it's beauty. I just thought I'd share it with you guys. I...
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    Islam Women In Sikhism Women In Islam

    I think it's purely up to the individuals themselves as to what they wish to wear. I personally LOVE wearing the salwar kameez- the main reason being that I find it extremellllyyy uncomfortable to be sitting in cross-legged for hours at a time! If a Westerner wishes to wear a salwar kameez...
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    Introducing Myself

    Welcome to the forum Sarah! welcomekaur Sikhi is a very comfortable place to be, hehe ... well, for me and many others at least! Enjoy your time with SPN, hope to see you posting! kaurhug
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    Introducing Myself

    Welcome to the forum Celtic! I must admit I'm one of those who comes in and out of SPN, but that's only because of the workload I have at home. This is still however my number 1 source for sikh related discussions! I hope you get a chance to have some deep and meaningful discussions with many...
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    Why Are We Not Allowed To Cut Hair When It's Ok To Cut Nails, Since Both Are Created By God?

    I don't get one thing. Sorry if someone has already answered this, I haven't too much time to read through all the posts. Guru Ji told us not to cut our hair ... but did God? Also, is there anything in Guru Granth Sahib regarding this? Sorry, lately so many questions have been flying...
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    The Noble 'Servant' Of Peshawar

    May God bless him always. What a great man. Made my day!
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    Why Don't Sikh Girls Want To Marry Sikh Guys? Solution!

    Re: Why Don't Sikh Girls Want To Marry Sikh Guys? Solution. Ah, the caste system - how I despise thee! I totally agree with =)) Ji. I don't get the whole 'caste' system stuff, what difference does it really make what caste a person is? However, I think I'm starting to see a trend now ... I'm...
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    Why Don't Sikh Girls Want To Marry Sikh Guys? Solution!

    Re: Why Don't Sikh Girls Want To Marry Sikh Guys? Solution. = )) ji You make me smile :happykudi: We need more polite and lovely people like you in the world! Rab rakha, Roop
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    General Mohabbat Ki Jhooti Kahani Pe Roye - Mughal-e-Azam

    I love this song :)cheerleader
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    Learn Punjabi Sat Sri Akal

    SSA All ! Ok ... firstly, we say 'Kheera' - mmmm yummy Also ... I actually say some words from 'standard punjabi' and some from 'doaba' dialect (which is apparantly what we speak) .. and yes charan ji, i also say 'aa' and 'sigey' I'm really enjoying this discussion!!