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    Quantum Physics, Science And Sikhism

    yeah exactly...Muslims talk such nonsense sometimes its unbelieveable. There were a number of versions of the quaran and there still are: The Different Arabic Versions of the Qur'an Koran Quran Read this Kay...
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    Islam Creation In Islam

    Kay, if you look back at all the posts you will find that there is NO science in the quaran. Note 3 long posts made by myself. Also some of the teachings in the quaran are SICK....e.g. cutting the hands of a thief, killing unbelievers etc. This is one of the big differences between Sikhism and...
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    Islam Creation In Islam

    A. Hollow ritual are those which bears no fruit. Can you kindly tell me how fasting is a blessing to a man. So that if not religiously, logically I start fasting. In similar way I would like to know how Hajj and 4 marriages are blessing or helpful for the mankind to raise himself to...
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    Bid To Rape Female In Golden Temple Complex !

    you get plenty of idiots in all religions, cultures and spiritual traditions and they should be stamped on hard so that everyone gets the message that you will not get away with this type of abuse. And fot the ladies Keep your kirpan on you and learn martial arts so that you have the tools to...
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    there is nothing wrong with getting a sensible tatto if you really want one. There is also nothing wrong with mark-up or jewellery. "I rise early, O my Husband Lord, to behold Your Vision. Eye make-up, garlands of flowers, and the flavor of betel leaf, are all nothing but dust, without seeing...
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    Meeting Other New Converts 2 Sikhi

    Vjkk vjkf Sherab bro! You ask some fantastic questions and I pray that we have more enlightened youngsters like you joining the dharma. Sherab wrote: And why would we take that verse in reverse? (no pun intended). If it is what Guru Nanak Dev meant, he would of oput it in reverse...
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    Meeting Other New Converts 2 Sikhi

    vjkk vjkf, Great question Sherab bro and I will try and answer the best I can: Sikhism is a spiritual movement which doesn’t say that you should or shouldn’t do yoga, should or shouldn’t dance, should or shouldn’t do fasting, should or shouldn’t meditate, should or shouldn’t earn...
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    Meeting Other New Converts 2 Sikhi

    wjkk wjkf, i have personally learnt many things from yogi bhajan's lectures and I do feel that he is an amazing sikh saint. I came into sikhism through his explantaions of sikhism and i know many non-indian sikhs came in to sikhims through this route. There are many routes to moksha but the...
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    Islam Creation In Islam

    Rajinder, how come you are the same old man who one minute becomes a christian and the next minute talks like a sikh with highly skewed views of Sikhism? Want a debate on Sikhism Vs Christianity or whatever you believe? Bring it on old man. Home | Project Naad :: Infinity in Simplicity
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    Islam Creation In Islam

    Hi Aziz, I looked through about half the videos before of Zakir Naik. The videos by Dr Zakir Naik were laughable. The theme was why is “Islam growing in the West” and this was the summary: 1)Earning interest on money is Haram and was started by English and speard around the world by...
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    Meeting Other New Converts 2 Sikhi

    Satnam folks, for all the new sikhs out there...try and see if you folks can set up a sikh discussion forum. We started a forum about 5 years ago in the UK and we have most of the stuff we created for those workshops in the tools section of ProjectNaad...This is the first attempt at creating a...
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    Being A New Sikh And Trying To Fit In - Sikhism Isnt Just For Punjabies?

    Satnam folks! I think the Sikhs on this forum are doing an amazing in spreading the message of Sikhism! Keep it going ladies and gents! ProjectNaad Home | Project Naad :: Infinity in Simplicity
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    An African American Woman - This Is How We Preach Sikhi

    Satnam folks! I remember speaking with the lady on Sikhnet who wrote that article about her conversion to Sikhism...that was 5 years ago and I had just graduated from Uni! Good old days! Anyway I compiled the following document taking the teachings from our african american sister...
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    Need To Correct The Hindu Perception Of Sikhism - Dr. Jodh Singh

    That was a very interesting article and I truly believe as Begum already mentioned that the Khalsa Sikh communities growing in Sotuh America, America and Europe will have a massive impact on the Indian Sikh and Indian Hindu communities. Western Sikhs have even started teaching large numbers of...
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    Islam Creation In Islam

    Aziz wrote: Preaching the TRUTH is always GOOD. Those who r on the RIGHTEOUS path of ISLAM will see favour from Allah, Most Forgiving, insha-allah. Those who r on the WRONG path or r consumed with HATE towards ISLAM and MUSLIMS r at loss and darkness and will suffer the consequences from...