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Recent content by prabhsmart

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    1984 Anti-Sikh Pogrom Hitler Had No Monopoly On Evil

    Kanwardeep singhji and sinsiterji, majority here literally means the person who rules us. there was never a majority of christains in india when british ruled, nor today the governemnet is 100% full of hindus. the point is whenever u r in good times, u r in power u show it no matter what? Go in...
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    Gurus The Sikh Lamas Of Arunachal Pradesh - Guru Nanak's Travels In Tibet

    Veerji, Guru Nanak devji has given u a chance of been apart of such a big event. we never know of what is going on, or what he plains. I remember I was going to office one morning and was standing at the door at borivali station in mumbai. The train was suppose to stand at the station for 5...
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    1984 Anti-Sikh Pogrom Hitler Had No Monopoly On Evil

    See Jews were slaughtered for 2000years, Hilter been a big example of this, but were they successful, no. Because God didn't wished the same. earlier jews were minority all over the world, like sikhs r today. they r minority all over the world, but majority only in couple of cities. Now what i...
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    Wake Up Guys

    Waheguruji Ka khalsa Waheguruji Ki Fateh, Come on guys wake up, when u will if not now. we have read 'n' number of articles and stuff here in this group. haven't it made a significant change in ur life. it has done that to mine. we need to change ourself. we just can't let a wave of problems...
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    1984 Anti-Sikh Pogrom Zindagi Live An Interview With 1984 Attack Victims In Delhi

    The truth is we ourself don't wish to help sikhs in need. in my gurudware many speak about helping hindu poor, but htere r sikh families in ur city who couldn't get there childrens to school, they simply don't want to put a single rupee to help them. what we r doing, no one know that, only showoff?
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    Sikhs Losing Since 1848

    Recently I was reading a book - Satwant Kaur by Bhai Sahib Dr. Vir Singh - there were things that Satwant kaur - a singhnii who was captured and sold for Rs. 5 in kabul market did to free herself. The author has discribbed the way of sikh life in so much details that I for a moment was trying to...
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    Sehajdari Sikhs As SGPC Voters

    There r people who simply don't want to follow sikh way of life, they cut of there hairs, drink, eat meat and smoke and get involved in all the stuff they should not, but don't want to leave the "Sikh" tag. so started calling themselfs as Sehajdari Sikhs. they r fools dweelling over flesh and...
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    Christianity Christian Watch

    I don't know what these people want. just convert people any way and what about meeting God or taking a person a step closer to God. oh! they don't care about that. its about numbers, which organisation convert how many. for me the best thing that u can do is making aperson beleive in God...
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    Cutting My Hair?

    yes i agree its difficult to lead a different life, but if u remeber Guru Gobind Singhji's life, he lost his father in childhood, his mother, childrens and many singhs, just for one cause. U have to find that cause, no one will tell u that. U have to reason with urself, no one will tell u...
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    We Will Wake Up When It's Too Late

    I agree with u veerji, there r problems and we r lead by fools, be it politically or be it the heads of ur Gurudwares. they r behind money and show off. showing there authority over others. But anti-sikh propoganda and anti-sikh feelings, sikh killings and 'n' of things has happened to us many...
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    I was just looking at this photo of the Akal tahak destroyed and some devil worshippers geeting there photos clicked as if it is a picinic spot. atleast it was for them, they killed people, raped woman, drank, and did everything that there culture teach them. But the most significan thing in...
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    Tank Man Of Tiananmen Square

    Outside China he is known simply as Tank Man. Inside the country he is not known at all. No trace is to be found of the young man armed only with shopping bags who 20 years ago blocked a column of tanks rolling through Beijing. His defiance became the defining image of the student...
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    Social Neglect Leading To Growing Influence Of Sects: Experts

    Social neglect leading to growing influence of sects: Experts May 29th, 2009 - 1:33 pm ICT by IANS By Alkesh Sharma Chandigarh, May 29 (IANS) Punjab came to a grinding halt for nearly two days after followers of Dera Sachh Khand protested violently against the attack on their leaders in...
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    Sikh Wisdom

    Sikh wisdom by Miroslav Volf One of the most recognizable pieces of religious architecture in the world is the Golden Temple in Amritsar, India, the most significant place of worship of the Sikhs. The upper part of this ornate rectangular marble structure is covered in gold. I saw the...
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    Sikh Involved In Mumbai Rape Case

    Here i just wish to say that if the person has for once felt the pain that ur mother has gone through he won't have touched that girl. rape is rape, their is no such thing as good or bad, as by mistake or not, its a crime by laws made by God. Please don't justify it.