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    Controversial Going Backward

    Here's a potent antidote for the drivel we heard from T Sher Singh (please see my post from yesterday). === By Surinder S. Jodhka The Jats, without doubt, have been the most important and powerful caste community in the rural landscapes of northwest India. The sources of their dominance...
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    Controversial Congratulations! Jats Are Now, Officially, A Backward Class

    >>> If they call themselves Jats, they can’t possibly pass themselves as Sikhs. A mere turban and beard and kirpan, or a dupatta and salwar and kameez, do not a Sikh make. There is more to being a Sikh. <<< [Please see the link and text below for the complete article.] T Sher Singh (and...
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    Sikhism Who Bombed Air India?

    Those who conveniently label me as a GOI agent (or similar) and/or question my sense of balance with respect to injustices committed on both sides of the Sikh struggle are requested to read the following. The Sikh Times - News and Analysis - Accountability, Impunity, and Governance in India...
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    Sikh News Kala Afghana | Interview On Vision TV, Canada | May 9, 2007

    Vision TV had contacted me a couple of months back looking for ideas on whom to interview for their series called "The Heretics." I pointed them to several people, including Pashaura Singh, Gurinder Singh Mann, Harjot Oberoi, and Gurbakhsh Singh Kala Afghana. Click the following link to...
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    Sikh Missionary "GHAGHA" Excommunicated !

    Inder Singh Ghagga Excommunicated Hyper-linked version with photos: The Sikh Times - News and Analysis - Inder Singh Ghagga Excommunicated ===== Inder Singh Ghagga Excommunicated By PUNEET SINGH LAMBA The Sikh Times, Boston, Oct. 23, 2006 Photo: Inder Singh Ghagga...
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    Sikh News Republican Calls For Profiling By Turban

    Republican Calls for Profiling by Turban EDITORIAL [This editorial was one of the very few news items reprimanding Nelson for his comment. However, even this piece fails to clarify that a turban-wearing gentleman at an American airport is most likely to be a Sikh, not a Muslim. Although...
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    Tasks Before The I.S.C. A Conference Report

    Thank you for demonstrating a positive attitude toward diversity, unity, and equal rights for all Sikhs regardless of orthodoxy (i.e. 5Ks). India was used merely as an example. Another example is the global village. Yet another example is the United Nations. We can also consider the European...
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    Tasks Before The I.S.C. A Conference Report

    This is in response to offline requests for me to post the full text of my conference report. ===== Tasks Before the I.S.C.: A Conference Report ############################################ By PUNEET SINGH LAMBA The Sikh Times, Jun. 7, 2006 Click here to see photographs of...
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    Tasks Before The I.S.C. A Conference Report

    Tasks Before the I.S.C.: A Conference Report Please click on the following link to read the report. I am not including the text of the report here due to reduced readability resulting from the loss of formatting. http://sikhtimes.com/news_060706a.html Puneet Singh Lamba Boston, MA...
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    Sikh News Kambdi Kalaai - A Quick Review

    Kambdi Kalaai, Directed by ISH AMITOJ KAUR, 2006 Billed as a tribute to the leading Singh Sabha ideologue Vir Singh, this is a reasonably well done independent film. That is assuming you accept the simplistic and flawed ultra-orthodox premise that a rejection of the Khalsa form is necessarily...
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    Yes Kesh, Why Tied?

    Pardon the delay in responding. I was in India for six weeks. Guru Gobind Singh was born almost 150 years after Kabir's death. The context in which the anti-ritual Kabir uses the word "khalsa" has nothing to do with the highly ritualized Khalsa order created by Guru Gobind Singh. The only...
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    Family Services Of Peel (Mississauga) Seeks Sikh Volunteer

    FAMILY SERVICES OF PEEL SEEKS A VERY SPECIAL VOLUNTEER Founded in 1971, Family Services of Peel (FSP) provides family and individual counseling as well as community support programs for vulnerable individuals. FSP is the largest recipient of funds from United Way of Peel Region. It also...
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    Sikh News American Made - Premiere, Tue, May 9, PBS

    American Made - Premiere, Tue, May 9, PBS Acclaimed short film about a Sikh American family after 9/11 premieres on PBS' Independent Lens starting Tuesday, May 9, 2006. http://www.pbs.org/independentlens/americanmade/index.html American Made (http://americanmadethemovie.com) is a story...
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    Fostering Unity And Encouraging Diversity In The Sikh Panth

    Fostering Unity and Encouraging Diversity in the Sikh Panth By PUNEET SINGH LAMBA [Puneet Singh Lamba is founder of The Sikh Times (sikhtimes.com). The following is the full text of the paper presented at the conference "Tasks Before the International Sikh Confederation (I.S.C.),"...
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    Sikhism Nuggets On Sikhism

    Could you elaborate on how Kala Afghana is misinterpreting the Guru Granth? You seem to be saying that the Guru is beyond the Guru Granth anyway. So, does that mean we are free to interpret the Guru whichever way we like? Puneet Singh Lamba Boston, MA http://sikhtimes.com (339) 221-1561