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    Atheism Intolerance Towards Atheism

    To: Tejwant Singh I'm going to replyto your post from end to beging. I like the quote you mentioned at the end but when I said "Again I was stunned. From what I understand these are quotes from the Gurus telling people that atheist are immoral and should be avoided" I meant from what I...
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    Atheism Intolerance Towards Atheism

    Sikhs seem very proud of their tolerance and respect for people with different beliefs and they should be because both are valuable traits. Tolerance has always been something I liked about Sikhism but I noticed that the tolerance was always called 'tolerance for other religions.' So as I...
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    Change Of Clothes And Name

    Thanks that answered a lot of my questions.
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    Sects White Sikhs

    Yeah it makes more sense now that I know it used to refer to clothes but we need to do away with it sense it's outdated.
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    Change Of Clothes And Name

    I'm going to guess that it's up to you if you change your whole name.
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    Keeping My Bodily Kesh (Hair) And Getting Used To The Gazes

    Re: Getting used to the gazes I'm the only one who voted they've always kept their hair.:D Most people have always found it odd that I usually don't shave but I'm not alone. (I've met two other girls like me.) Women are always expected to be hairless..actually guys are too. When my friend...
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    Change Of Clothes And Name

    I have two questions. First when someone decides to follow Sikhism do they have to change their whole name or could they just use kaur or singh as a last or middle name without changing the first? 2nd besides the five K's do unbaptized Sikhs have to wear Punjabi clothes? What about the Khalsa...
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    Sects White Sikhs

    ...what about black Sikhs?:(
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    When Brides Become Scarce?

    Wow. I could never believe someone would kill their own baby because of money. It's great someone is doing something about it. :happy:
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    Opinion A Repressed Mohandas Gandhi Shaped A Repressed India

    This is a great eye opener.
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    New SPN'er Introductions

    Hello. I've been meaning to join this site for a while, I think this a great place to continue my quest for knowledge. :)