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Recent content by muneet

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    Who Is A Sikh And When Should You Start Calling Yourself "Sikh"?

    Hi every body It was nice to know that people still yearn after "true sikhi". I for myself have struggled along a wavered path but never doubted the Guru's love for me and his forgiveness for all my misdemeanours. I feel He knows our frailties and we are as fickle as the flesh we are made in...
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    ** Waheguru Gurmantar **

    Naanak laekhai eik gal hor houmai jhakhanaa jhaakh ||1|| O Nanak, only one thing is of any account: everything else is useless babbling and idle talk in ego. ||1|| Bhai Gurdaas Ji writes in his Kabet Saveyeh that just as a precious stone is small to look at, but its price can fill ones coffers...
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    Sehajdhari Khalsa

    Shows the Ocean like heart of the great guru!
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    Mona And Sehajdhari

    Sikhi has evolved over the ten Gurus. Final uniform and rehat was given after the display by us all, of cowardice in Chandni Chowk during the assassination of Guru Teg Bahadur. Final touches - from chidis to Baaj transformation occured in 1699 when sikhs were exhorted to take amrit- only five...
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    What Happens To "bad/evil" People?

    Good or bad -our actions- are judged not by us but by "Chittargupt"who records our actions every microsecond. But a person who is above rajo/sato/tamo gunas and in the turiya state - for him there is no judgement- all his actions are without involvement of the mann- he / she is not asked to...
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    General Where Are You From?

    Re: From where are you? Port Blair, India
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    Trouble Between Religions

    Hi If you listen to Maskin ji over the ages man has grown up from a savage to a cultured being. His religious thoughts have evolved. A student of college doesnt need to learn tables and primers. Similarly Sikhi is the most modern thought with least rites rituals and dogmas and it is the...
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    A Sikh Without His Flowing Hair And Turban

    Why do I keep my hair/ Because when the tenth guru's dad was lying in Chandni Chowk, executed by Aurungzeb, mona/ sehajdari/ modern/ pseudo/ assimilated sikhs stood and saw but none had the courage to become the next. When Rangreta (Guru ka Beta) reached Anandpur Sahib with Guru TegBahadur's...
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    Will The World End Or Not?

    This universe is 'His play'. It will end when he tires of his leela. Read Jaap Sahib. He creates and destroys as he pleases. Muneet
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    Existentialism's "Authentic Existence" And "Moral Individualism":

    The two presume that there is no god. Our sikh thought begins with the premise that first there was a 'karta' who desired to create and we are his 'krit'(the world, physical forms, humans etc.) Only the moral law as estab in each and every man's conscience is the law / value system each must...
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    Why Am I Sikh?

    What you are going through - is quite usual in everyones life- you feel lost and confused. Modern life can make you that. But to realise the futility of life the elders say that one should visit a funeral or see patients in a hospital. Once you are convinced of your mortality and the fact that...
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    Why Am I Sikh?

    Having sikh parents is like finding yourself on a road which you have to trust , leads to something worthwhile. Now you dont spend your time on the roadside thinking you should rather have been present on that yonder junction to be better placed or some other. (you could - if you felt that...
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    Christianity Why Do I Believe In Jesus? An Ex-sikhs Journey In Faith

    Re: Why do I believe in Jesus? An ex-sikh’s journey in faith... I think by advertising that he is an ex sikh who has made it he is showing that he has made abetter choice and we all are somehow fools who have made not so good ones. Well Rajs- hope you have reached your station in life/ have...
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    Christianity Why Do I Believe In Jesus? An Ex-sikhs Journey In Faith

    Re: Why do I believe in Jesus? An ex-sikh’s journey in faith... Rajs - all words - with no meaning you only talk of confusing stuff filled up in your head. What I think of christianity - only Jesus is the son and rest all of us are sheep!!!!!!!!- even metaphorically its a load of crap...
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    Gifts Of JapJi Pauris

    Re: Gifts of JaapJi Pauris Dear NH kaur thanks very much for the info you gave while looking for something yourself! if you can understand punjabi spoken i recommend you listen to Giani Sant Singh MaskinJis explanation of each pauri available on the net . Im also fascinated by the Japji...