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    The Rise Of British Sikhism

    Very informatics information about UK Sikhs. There are many organizations in UK who are working behind this. Regards
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    Arts/Society Amazing Kinetic Sculptures!

    Amazing art. Didn't know about it earlier. Thanks for sharing it.:happy:
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    Arts/Society The Discarded Bullets

    The story shows the real picture of the army. How cruel they are? Though they fights and saves the country but lust of sex is very bad. They becomes cold blooded people. They can never feel the pain of others. As all fingers are not equal, same case in the armymen. Really Government used the...
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    God's Will - BHANA

    Respected Soul _Jyot jee, Your friend indeed send you good message. We will live happily if we accept HIS order.:happy::happy:
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    Arts/Society Walking On The Mines

    Respected PK70 Ji, Just guessing, Are mines used for fanatics. GOOD STORY:-)
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    Life's Four Truth

    Once upon a time there was a rich King who had four wives. He loved the 4th wife the most and adorned her with rich robes and treated her to the finest of delicacies. He gave her nothing but the best. He also loved the 3rd wife very much and was always showing her off to neighboring...
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    Why We Are Happy While Being Robbed

    :up:Respected PK70ji, Thanks for sharing article on how our five evils robber us daily are we are happy with this robbery. We can overcome of five evils by following Gurbani. Life is very simple and easy if we follow Guru’s Shabad. Materialism can’t put control on our mind by following HIS...
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    Stay On The Right Track

    Respected PK70ji, Very informative and actually concept of Sikhi brought up. This article makes Sikhi understand better and removes confusion. The words used for HIM (God) in Gurbani are commonly mistaken, are made clear. Many doubts are clear by reading this post. There is no place for fanatics...
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    Home Remedies For Improving Eyesight

    All Jio, The following steps can help too: • Lower your computer screen so that the centre of the screen is 4-8 inches below your eye level and at a viewing distance of 20-28 inches. • Use a document holder placed next to your computer screen. It should be close enough so you don’t have to...
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    A Humble Pencil

    Very true singh bj ji, Our life is very similar to a pencil Prabh jee created us and makes us able to do many great things but this target will be achieved if we allow ourselves to be held in someone’s hand (means in the company of saad sangat, guidance through a true Guru, friend)...
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    Home Remedies For Improving Eyesight

    Home Remedies for Improving Eyesight IMPROVE EYESIGHT It's been said that 'Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder' but have you given any thought to those eyes which help you capture this beauty. By adopting various patterns of life we can give your eyes a much needed boost. Bringing changes...
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    Sikh Insight & Heinous Crime !

    KAAM is Lust, or in other words, excessive sex desire is defined as lust; same way Kaam is used in the article. Tow different words of two different languages
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    Jathedar Iqbal Singh Roughed Up

    All Jio Shame On These Guys Who Fight Like Children Instead Of Solving Problems Like Mature Persons As Guru Ji Hoped From Them.
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    Sikh News It May Take Years To Realise It!

    May be they believe in Amrit but are expressing their disappointment against those who take amrit but still remain hypocrites.
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    Gyani Sant Singh Ji Maskeen

    All jio Why Gyani Sant Singh ji Maskeen quoted Urdu poets to describe Gurmat again and again.