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Recent content by mehargags

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    Why We Are Called Sikh ?

    SSA SARIYA NU IT may be fooled question but this come to my mind that On baisakhi Guru Gobind singh Ji Made us KHALSA so why we write our religion SIKH not KHALSA, I know sikh mean student but who given us this word "sikh" guru gobind singh ji ? thanwad
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    Questions On Jaikara - Khanda Sahib - Prabhat Pheri

    Few question are coming in to my mind plz try to answer them 1. Why there is no jaikara @ Darbar sahib after Ardas? 2. Who has desiged KHANDA? 3. Is there any history about prabhat pheri, why we alwayz do prabhat pheri of Guru Nanak Dev ji & guru Gobind singh ji Not of any other? thx
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    History Of Anand Karaj

    I have searched allot on this topic way back but didn't get anything, what i come to know that it may be started in 1920 when sgpc was established & sikh Laws came Not sure though
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    Hinduism Story Of Durga?

    Gyani Jarnail Singh Veerji i am the one only who have posted @ tapoban also Acha veero te bheno i found some author titles who have done phd on Dasam Granth & proved that It Is by Guru Gobind Singh Ji If anybody readed it plz share with us Dasam Granth Sahib Kisne Banaiya? By Bhai Bishan...
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    Hinduism Story Of Durga?

    Ok i heard this story that once durga is hiding away from some 2 demons & gone to some mountains.Where Guru Tegh bahadur ji was on samdhi & he assures durga that nothing happen to her in his custody, then demons came Guru ji sitting on loin Skin.He standup from it put tht khal in hand te ohnu...
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    Short-hair Ban On Gurudwara Marriages

    Ok i agree That some ppl say that our guru Tell us that don't discriminate between People on relegion so i want to ask them People so why then Guru Gobind singh Ji Make Khalsa ??? whats the reason of making If his father gave Life for hindu, He can also Live Lke that only why he make Khalsa ( i...
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    Sarbloh Jatha

    SSA Bahenji & Veerji, I need help of al of u on one topic, Actually sade gurudwara Vich AFter 2 sundays Sablolh jatha aaounda haiga, They Prepare Langar themselves bring there Own Material, U can't do anything the say they r Pure so that they dont want anyone In prepartion of Langar, & more If...
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    Kurushetra Place Found But Only 6

    Guru Nanak Dev Ji --- Gurdwara Siddh Bati Patshahi Pahili Gurdwara Sidhbati on a mound near the pumping station across the Kurukshetra Tank. When the Guru visited Kurukshetra in Haryana, a big fair was being held at the holy tank to celebrate the solar eclipse. There were a large...
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    Heer Ranjha

    SSA Veero te bheno I just want to know that Heer Ranjha Love story is actually exist all it's just mythological Heer Ranjha story was first written by Damoder (caste Gulati) who run his general store in Pakistan he is the first one to write this story & then it was waris shah who has...
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    Sikh Youth Who ?

    SSA TO ALL VEERJI & BAHENJI I ahve one Youth Question Coming into my mind So plz tell me If Sikh Boy Cut Down His Hair Then He Belongs to Which Religion ??? If He is reamined Sikh after cutting down hair so what we are & if he become hindu We See them as diff. releigion. I am aksing about...