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Recent content by kee_jaana_mein_kaun

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    Will There Be A Relook At The Sikh Blacklist ?

    Dal Khalsa,Shromani Akali Dal Panch pradhani,Shromani Akali Dal Amritsar and other Panthic organisations in Punjab along with those outside Punjab including United Khalsa Dal have rejected the idea of renouncing Khalistan. So Chidambaram (who is incidentally an accused in the 1984 anti Sikh...
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    Sikh News Taliban Expel 50 Sikh Families From FATA For Not Paying Jazia

    Aman Singh please confirm the date of this report as Hakimullah Mehsud is already dead.
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    Protest For The Entry Of KP Gill In The UN-Human Rights Council

    Re: PROTEST FOR THE ENTRY OF KP GILL in the UN HUMAN RIGHTS COUNCIL Madam N Pillay High Commissioner U N Commission for Human Rights ??? Sounds Indian.What else can we expect from such people ?
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    India Pak PM To Lay Foundation Stone Of Sikh University At Nankana Sahib

    Let us take it one by one 1. Taliban has recently killed two sikhs and the university is being opened in Pakistan where there is no guarantee of life of non-Muslims. Even Hindus are on run to India. A group of criminals kidnapped and killed the 2 Sikhs.Moreover even if they were Taliban...
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    United Sikhs United Sikhs Talk To Peshawar Sikh Kidnapped By Taliban (Video)

    Vikram Singh this is an old video much before Surjit Singh,Jaspal Singh and Gurvinder Singh were kidnapped . We would like to see interview of the video of the recently kidnapped Sikhs. Pardon me for saying this but some of these Sikhs may be over hyping the incidences to recieve aid...
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    Two Sikhs Rescued From Taliban Captivity In Pakistan By Pak Army

    First of all it is not Khalistan of my dreams but a dream( soon to become reality) of many Sikhs and Punjabis. Secondly,hate mongering and theocracy has no place in Khalistan as it is an exemplary state which will be based on Guru Granth Sahib and principle of "Sarbat daa bhalaa" and "Raaj...
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    Sikh News Bhindranwale T-shirts, Made In China, Sold In Punjab

    Sant Bhindranwale is very popular in Punjab even amongst the new generation whether GOI or anyone likes it or not . It seems now they are afraid of his pictures also.Actually this bogey is being raised by some hindutva and Congress forces in Punjab. Recently I watched a program about...
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    All The Taliban Wanted Was Money:Rescued Sikh

    This gives a blow to the India media propoganda about which I have been saying from the very beginning. Besides this there are a number of gangs of criminals in that region whose main purpose is kidnapping for ransom only.It could be Sikhs,Hindus,Muslims anyone who is easily venerable...
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    Sikh Millitant Groups Seeking Volunteers From US India

    Who is responsible for SGPC not promoting Sikhi ? RSS as SGPC is under Badal who is under RSS/BJP.RSS/BJP would never like true Sikhi to be taught or promoted.They would like their own version of "Hinduised Sikhi" to be promoted.That is why this sort of Sikhi which besides making Sikhs as...
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    Two Sikhs Rescued From Taliban Captivity In Pakistan By Pak Army

    Debate issues not personalities. Where does this need to presume the ignorance and guilt of your fellow forum members originate? There are many Navdeep Singh Sharmas,Sunil Singh Joshis,Navjot Guptas,Daljit Kumars etc in Punjab these days.
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    Two Sikhs Rescued From Taliban Captivity In Pakistan By Pak Army

    I never called all mona Sikhs as better Sikhs.I only mentioned the name of Bhai Guggu and Bhai Harchand Singh "who happened to be mona" as better Sikhs "because" they took revenge from nang Poohla who butchered unknown number of Sikh women and children. I'll give you an example which was...
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    India Can Make Progress If Run On Hinduism: Bhagwat (RSS CHIEF)

    Khalistan=Begumpura=Raaj Karega Khalsa="Sarbat daa bhaalaa" The dera ballaan followers who speak of a different panth, granth are basically those young people who do not wish to follow the Sikh rehat maryada which is difficult to follow ,make full use of the 5 vices forbidden in...
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    Two Sikhs Rescued From Taliban Captivity In Pakistan By Pak Army

    Two Sikhs rescued from Taliban captivity in Pakistan: India Today - Latest Breaking News from India, World, Business, Cricket, Sports, Bollywood. Two Sikhs, abducted by Taliban, have been rescued by security forces in the restive Khyber tribal region in northwest Pakistan, a week after two...
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    India Can Make Progress If Run On Hinduism: Bhagwat (RSS CHIEF)

    From the above in red is there any doubt left that Congress and BJP are the same and both are responsible for the genocide of Sikhs ?
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    Not Hindu? You Are Not An Indian RSS Chief

    HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times Email Author Bhopal, March 01, 2010 <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="http://www.hindustantimes.com/storypage/styles/common.css"><link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="http://www.hindustantimes.com/storypage/styles/master.css"><script...