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Recent content by Kaur 1968

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    Will You Marry A Girl With A Beard?

    I think we can forgive a woman for wanting to look like a woman.[/QUOTE instead of giving support to your sisters and daughters, you are humiliating women, who gave you this right to forgive women. I respect those women in bottom of my heart, I know it is very easy to remove facial hair...
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    A Short Sketch From The Alleged Dasam Granth, Shared In English!

    Respected spdadmin ji, Gurfateh i was searhing the page on DG that mentioned by Chaan pardesi. The page i posted is on srigranth.org. i have never read DG in my life, please educate me how can i search DG writing for correct pages. would be greatly appreciated
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    A Short Sketch From The Alleged Dasam Granth, Shared In English!

    <TABLE width="100%"><TBODY><TR><TD align=middle>is it on page 181 or 1081? Neither page seems correct for the following. But see my reply to follow. Check again for the panna/page number. spnadmin Sri Dasam Granth Sahib; Displaying page <INPUT style="FONT-SIZE: 10px" value=1081 size=2...
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    Listening To Instead Of Reciting Bani?

    Dear Sister Akasha ji, you are awesome! you are very exited to join the khalsa panth. you have so much love for God's who's language is only love. no one have right to stop you for doing that. You can take Amrit anytime when you will feel deep voice from your heart. Guru Gobind Singh ji is...
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    Want To Marry With Cousin

    harpreet, it seems you are sick. you need a medical treatment for your brain. i strongley advise you to get medical consultation ASAP, before you think about anything else sorry for my harsh advice good luck
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    Sikhism Ready For Turban

    lucky veer ji, Gurfateh! turban tying decision is better than patka like little boys. it is not that difficult , very easy for you if you have passion with Guru's wounderfull gift. Get help from your family members or friends. A year ago, my husband started growing his beard , but no tuban on...
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    My Life Has Been Blessed

    Thank you Akashaji for sharing your wonderfull experience with spn sangat/members. you chose a right pathkudihug May GOD bless you with AMRIT soon
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    Which Is More Important Simran Or Sewa?

    Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh! I agree with Mai Harinder Kaur ji many are agree that seva is for others and simran is for own sake. simran makes oneself happy and seve makes others and oneself happy. naam to bina kiti seva shows our pride. Guru Granth Sahib ji is not the rule...
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    I Considered Cutting My Hair

    OpenmindedSingh ji, Hairs are gift from GOD when we destroy his gift, we pay for the consequences, others like friends don't care how you look. I would suggest you to discuss with your parents as well. Do ardas everyday, pay more attention on ardass specialy when you say Panjaan’ piaareaan’...
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    Lohri Is Not A Sikh Festival - A YoungSikhs.net Special

    Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fateh to all this a great site to learn about sikhi howerve i have never post anything here but always view others Ambarsaria ji, if i am not wrong, Diwali is Bandi Chor divis for sikhs when Guru Hargobind Sahib ji (not Guru Teg Bahadur ji) came out of...
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    Introducing Myself

    thank you for Welcome and B-wishes Veer Aman ji This is a great site, lot to learn Regards kaur 1968