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Recent content by Joginder Singh Foley

  1. Joginder Singh Foley

    Christianity Losing My Religion: Why I'm Raising My Child To Believe In Science, Not God

    WGKF-WGKK I for one have no problems being both scientific, currently studying astro-physics because I cant stand wasting my time in front of the idiot lantern {TV} as I prefer to stimulate my brain not rot it, and a Sikh. The two are mutually compatible the motivation to exceed at one...
  2. Joginder Singh Foley

    Since When Did We Sikhs Start Getting Depressed, Anxious , OCD And A Host Of Other Mental Illnesses

    WGJF-WGKK Guriji and Sikhi gave me the strength to overcome my chronic alcohol abuse so strength from Guriji works for me though I dont know about how it would work for others and their situations :winkingsingh:
  3. Joginder Singh Foley

    Since When Did We Sikhs Start Getting Depressed, Anxious , OCD And A Host Of Other Mental Illnesses

    WGJK-WGKF Could have started when we began to spend more time in the material world worried that we havent got the latest iphone and less time in the Gurdwara worryoing about Guruji ?? :singhfacepalm:
  4. Joginder Singh Foley

    Islam Ishna Has Converted To Islam

    WGKK-WGKF I have heard that the west is governed by democratically elected politicians who obey the will of the people who elected them..........Well thats this Singh's addition to the SPN "April fool" thread :popcornsingh::veryhappymunda:
  5. Joginder Singh Foley

    Is God Fond Of Long Hair And Turbans ?

    See Samson in the christian bible lost all his strength when her was cut off and plenty of hippies and Metalheads manage just fine with long hair :winkingsingh:
  6. Joginder Singh Foley

    Self On Being, Broken

    WGKK-WGKF Ex alcoholic here with a long history of chronic alcohol abuse and Yes it was discovering Sikhi that helped of the alcohol, Yes I to was broken and thanks to Guruji I was now unbroken
  7. Joginder Singh Foley

    Controversial Told DAD That Meat Is NOT Forbidden, And He Gets ANGRY!

    WGKK-WGKF You have the right idea I believe, A Sikh can only inform, A Sikh cannot impose and has no right to impose Sikh beliefs and practices on others, It is that other person's choice to accept or refuse the teachings of Sikhi and only his [Or her] choice no one else can make that choice...
  8. Joginder Singh Foley

    Hard Talk Toronto Youtube Star Jus Reign Was Forced To Remove His Turban At A California Airport

    I have set fire to more than one Turban using Oxy-Acetalyene cutting equipment particularly when underneath a train in a pit chopping of seized kingpin nuts and couplers I was eventually asked to make a choice between the Turban or doing these particular jobs...I chose the Turban
  9. Joginder Singh Foley

    I Just Wanted To Say Sorry

    WGKF-WGKK We all occasinionaly lash out It happens to the best of us learning to control ones anger is part of the process of being a Sikh or any other kind of decent human whatever path you follow :winkingsingh:
  10. Joginder Singh Foley

    Khalsa Aid Khalsa Aid Comes To The Rescue Of People Stranded In Panipat Due To The #jaat Reservation Riots!

    WGKK-WGKF Total respect to Khalsa-Aid leading by example and showing the true example as to what it means to be a Sikh:singhbhangra::winkingsingh:
  11. Joginder Singh Foley

    Sikhism And Honour Killing

    WGKK-WGKF You hit the nail on the head Its nothing to do with Sikhi and everything to do with Punjabi culture and a lack of education as to what it is to be a Sikh :singhfacepalm::popcornsingh:
  12. Joginder Singh Foley

    Sikhi About The Average Sikh

    WGKK-WGKF Its down to education, education, education along with the incompetent lazy mainstream media Sikhs are not muslim and most people wearing a Turban are not muslim, And Sikhs have readily identifiable differences from muslims. But there again if the UK/US/EU/NATO and their...
  13. Joginder Singh Foley

    Sikhi About The Average Sikh

    WGKK-WGKF The clue is in the Turban every Turban wearing muslim wears a different style of Turban to anything I have seen a Sikh wear and a muslim wearing aTurban always has a tail down his back with his Turban :singhfacepalm:
  14. Joginder Singh Foley

    Sikhism And Honour Killing

    The problem there is that most people have no idea what izzat means. What word or phrase would you suggest to replace "Honour killing"? Simples "MURDER" nothing less :singhfacepalm:
  15. Joginder Singh Foley

    Legal Sikhism Is Recognized As A Religion In Chile

    WGKK-WGKF I take that in 1955 the indian government was unfamiliar with Guru Nanakji's first words "neither hindu or muslim" then but what you expect from indian governments when it comes to dealing with us Sikhs and our affairs :reallyangrysingh::singhfacepalm: