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    General Modern Telephone Manners

    I agree, there are times that discretion needs to be considered. However, there are still ways to be professional.
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    General Modern Telephone Manners

    Spnadmin ji, Actually, I'm glad you responded with that. I could not agree with you more! :D The bottom line is, my phone is not for anyone's amusement or profit. You call me, have the respect to identify yourself. I hang up when I'm told to hold immediately after answering. Although my #...
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    General Modern Telephone Manners

    Something has been bugging me of late and I would very much like to share it. If my rant has no place here, I won't be upset if admins remove it, but I'd like to get it off my chest. Has telephone etiquette gone the way of the Dodo Bird & the Dinosaur? This is something I’ve noticed being...
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    Opinion Why Should Men In Uniform Be Forced To Shave?

    Re: Should Men in Uniform Be Forced to Shave? My argument would have been the gas mask one. However, the US Navy actually allowed beards until the late 70's, if I am not mistaken. A close friend of the family sported one until that time. It is my opinion that one should be allowed to wear...
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    World Building In Gadhafi Compound Possibly Struck By Cruise Missles

    Here's an interesting contrast to bullying. I find it interesting that despite the size and strength of his military, we bomb the heck out of him. From a distance, no less! Although I would never condone the atrocities of a dictator, it is still internal affairs. I don't recall any of the...
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    Tell Me Mother What To Do Now ? Letters Of A Son To His Departed Mother (Punjabi)

    Thank you, Amarsaria ji for taking the time to translate this for those of us who do not understand Punjabi. That was a huge surprise on such a down day. The story, while depressing, is still encouraging that a child has written about his mother like this in todays society. It's so true that...
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    Tell Me Mother What To Do Now ? Letters Of A Son To His Departed Mother (Punjabi)

    I wish I knew Punjabi. Would be nice to know what that says, but I know much is lost in translation. Respectfully, Jesse
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    Islam The Arab Woman You Don't See

    Eh... it was just a thought... Who knows though. We never will.swordfighthehehe
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    Tragic Earthquake In Japan. Is It Fate? Is It Karma? Is It Living With "the Truth/God That Is Everyw

    We are nothing against the forces of Nature. With just one fell swoop, humanity can be gone. No matter how much we try to "safeguard" ourselves from catastrophes, there's always that one quake, tsunami, volcano, or cyclone that will destroy us and everything we know. I don't believe this...
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    Islam The Arab Woman You Don't See

    I've always wondered what kind of place our world would be if women ruled rather than men. Would there have been a female Genghis Khan? Mussolini? Hitler? Stalin? Whilst there have been some tyrannical woman rulers, I doubt our world would have had such a bloody history. Imagine a United...
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    Tragic Earthquake In Japan. Is It Fate? Is It Karma? Is It Living With "the Truth/God That Is Everyw

    Ambarsaria ji, Very well put. Reading your post, well, brought more tears. We have been following the events in Japan very closely. It's a tragic loss. Thank you for your tribute to all involved in this tragedy. I really could not have said it better than that.
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    Canada Sikhs 'disappointed' By Quebec Vote Barring Kirpans From Assembly

    It seems to me that the Western world is categorically discriminating against any and all Eastern faiths. I'm in full support in proceeding cautiously in the face of terrorism but infringing on human rights and religious practice is taking it too far. Even as a non-Sikh, it's infuriating...
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    Why Don't We All Just Trust One Another?

    I WISH I could trust people. It's a tough call for the reasons the article very aptly put! Adults have plenty of reason to be mistrustful of people, but some tend to give the benefit of the doubt to each person and let them have the chance at it before distrusting. Others, like me, have a...
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    Question Regarding Regret & Sikh

    I owe each contributor a debt of gratitude. My score was 95%. I think it deserves a 100, but then, again, I am biased. Thanks again, all! Respectfully, Jesse
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    Becoming Sikh

    Got it this time! :) Thanks to Spnadmin ji & Soul Jyot ji Respectfully, Jesse