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Recent content by jasmandp

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    Rakhiye De Shabad

    i have the audio but its so fast that i hardly able to grasp all of it but if any one who knows the whole path rakhiya de shabad , i will be very thankful if you can post it here or email that to me. thank or i guess send private msg. as soon as possible thanks a lot
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    Dhyaan - Meditate

    Re: dhyan I have been watching maskeen ji's katha and i really want to know dyan kis tarah lagayia, in path or naam japana.
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    Dhyaan - Meditate

    Can anyone clear this? dyan kis tarah lagayia (How to Meditate?). I am listening to Maskeen ji's Katha. I really want to know if he has talked about how to meditate while doing your daily recital of banies and recital of Naam. Does anyone know anything. I need to resolve this issue.