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    Can The Sound Waheguru Replace Raam?

    I am very much confused ,why only raam why not hari or some other name.or why not allah or rahim.we r not intrested in fruitful u respond ur child if he/she calls u naddy instead of daddy. do we help our child while he/she is crying without saying anything specific wether mummy or...
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    Kirpan During Air Travel

    WAHEGURU JI KA KHALSA,WAHEGURu JI KI FATEH, thanks --thanks a lot.NOW I FEEL GOOD . thanx jasbir
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    Kirpan During Air Travel

    guru fateh every body,read the discussion .. dont laugh but i m serious, today v need our own air lines AIR-KHALSA to stop making fun of commitment s made before guru roop panj pyares.v need some l n mittals.& few bill gates in our community.. b,cos without good money & power nothing is...
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    Kirpan During Air Travel

    thanx freinds for ur veiws,please think into the matter this time i think i should spent afew more hours in train rather than making myself rest less inside. i m sure i will get some better option .thanks again for ur concern.
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    Kirpan During Air Travel

    i need ur help , i m an amrit dhari .residing in month i m on company tour & the mode of travel is by can any body tell me wether i can carry my shri sahib(kirpan) along with me during the flight .please help me as if i m not allowed to keep shri sahib along with me,i think...
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    When A Singh Slapped Gandhi

    i m lucky to know this story .i bow to the great sikh & and his great parents