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    Gurus Parkash Divas Of Guru Gobind Singh : Celebrating With Uncertainty

    All the dates whether according to Bikarmi or NanakShahi callenders are arbitrary. No one really knows the real date and especially as per Birarmi Callender they change every year it is never the real day we are celebrating. Therfore the actual date is is not that important. What is important...
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    California School Books Won't Have Any Image Of Guru Nanak Now, Sikhs Want One

    Dear Vir jees, i am really surprised at this so called 'controversy' and the fact that no one has yet replied to this thread with regards to pictures of the Gurus and the Sikh religion. Perhaps the following article will clarify matters: PICTURES OF GURUS The gallery of pictures of Gurus...
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    Hard Talk How Many Sikhs Have Married Out Of Caste/race?

    Re: How Many Siks Have Married out Of Jaat/Zaat (Caste/Race) I am married to a girl of my own cast. It was not a concious decision to do so. Someone recomended a match and it seemed suitable and therefore we got married. My family did not insist or actively look for someone of our own cast...