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Recent content by Harwinder

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    How Or Where Do I Learn To Meditate?

    OK recently I had been interesting in learning how to meditate. I have done some reasearch and almost everyone has a different way. So I guess my question is: is there a wrong way to meditate and a right way? Howyou meditate? What can I do to start of as a beginner to meditate? Thank you
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    Do You Think You Are Khalsa?

    I am not khals enough to be a khalsa however I do strive for it on a day to day bases. I assure u it is not an easy task but can be done with full devotion and spirituality. I am a student of life and a striver of truth.
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    Is Sikhism A Religion?

    "We" I feel must be removed from the vocabulary of a Sikh, we is the initiation of many conflict leading to pride. I am sure I have been an abuser of this word. By saying "we" it is given no room for the teachings of the guru's to grow sikhi. how ever "we" used in a sense of humanity and all...
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    Is Sikhism A Religion?

    The day we stop asking questions. We stop understanding and learning. It is human nature to know.
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    Is Sikhism A Religion?

    Thank you everyone for your input. From what I have concluded we can say that Sikhism is a way of life. Yet it is regarded as a reigion. Sikhism is your everyday doings. It is how you perform life. Like when we eat, we chew chew and swallo. Same as we breathe, inhale and exhale. SIKH= to...
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    Is Sikhism A Religion?

    OK for days now there is a question that's been bothering me. Is Sikhism a religion? here is my reasoning for that. In Sikh faith it is said to believe that there is no caste, creeds, "religion". All are equal correct,? So than why is it that Sikhism is considers a religion". Some may...
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    Sikhism Is Not The Same As Hinduism, Islam Or Christianity Etc

    To conclude from the thread and responses. Weather hindu, sikh, muslim, cristianity etc..... We understand that all is a way to get in touch with a greater knowledge of being. To bind onslef in the teachings of the creator. weather it be in jesus, avataars, mohamed, or the gurus. All these...
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    Khalsa Ji ! Ban The Facebook Page AGAINST Guru Gobind Singh Ji

    The more we pay attention to anything for this matter (good or bad) the more value we add to it. Dont be afftected by this and this poster will soon know how much of an ignorant fool he is. This reminds me of a shabad/verse in SGGS forgive me if i am wrong. "manus jath karthooth pasu kee"
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    India Indian Bribery Website Reveals $8M In Petty Payments

    sweet someone is stepping up. This is a start but i can see if it continues there will be a BIG difference
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    USA Sword-Wielding Sikhs Attack Praying Rivals At NYC Temple

    This is something that need to STOP. words can't discribe how i feel for when my own community is not doing so good. At first we fight to the justice system and than turn around and abuse the place of worship we fought for.. I hope people realize this and understand that the causers of this...
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    Caste System In Sikhism

    what action can be taken to stop this any ideas?
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    India 11 Constables Get Pregnant At Training School

    " I agree with you ambarsaria ji. I live in the U.S. About about 8 years ago went to go visit India, Shaewal, wear i was born but not raised. There is a big cultural shock between india and us. Am just gonna say one thing i was shocked At. Me and my causin sonu were driving (on his blot) to...
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    Caste System In Sikhism

    I agree 100% on this article for this needs to be read by many of our sikhs and mostly our elders who are stuck on the caste system and tend to teach it to there children. "Go to youtube.com and see how this has become a big problems in gurudawars also" {type in: sikhi tv- Caste System In...
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    The Danger Of A Single Story

    This was a powerfull in itshlef as she gave the speech.. I knwo i am not perfect but things like this help climbe the ladder to understranding mankind more and more. If anyone cares and is interested in reading books of self-imporovement and how we think towrds other i recommend this book to...
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    Abortion And Sikh Youth

    I believe abortion; all in all is a decsion that has to be made by someone who wasn't nd responsible in the first place. Now taking into consideration abortion can also be considred ok because now we have technology to tell wathere it is going to be a healthy baby or not. If this baby is...