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    Ardaas Changed

    Re: Ardass changed.. Thank you, Gyani Jarnail Singh, for presenting this news. Honestly, do these people believe they are more intelligent than those hundreds of brilliant minds that composed the Ardaas and 'cemented' the wordings of Ardas? Do they believe they are more intelligent or more...
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    Sikh Girls: A Confused Lot. Are Parents To Blame?

    ^ I see your point soniadatta_cc, however, there is one major flaw in your post. There IS a set of laws set out that separates right from wrong in Sikhism: the Reht Maryada. All answers can be found in this small, easy-to-read book. If the child is willing to do so, they can easily read the book...
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    General Why Is The India Media Turning Floozy?

    This is exactly the reason why I only watch comedy movies and movies that are based on true stories (e.g. Bhagat Singh) The bollywood movies nowadays are getting too influenced by the western culture. It is very saddening that this is occuring as i love watching traditional movies. The...
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    General Children Of Tommorow - Guru Gobind Singh -Video

    You can't help but laugh along with the baby!!! :}{}{}: YouTube - Amazing Child Drummers! you are never too young to learn.... :wink:
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    General Greetings

    Oh sorry.... One being meaning 'one energy'/god/master of all Thank you once again
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    General Greetings

    Oh ok... Thats really interesting. So do athiests believe in any 'one being'? thank you kds1980
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    General How Dumb Can You Get. Batch Ke Kurio!

    She obviously wasnt!!! I understand what you mean. But if people really do want to become a great Sikh, they can. Oh well, its up to them, I guess. But we have to do our best regardless of what others think/say or do. Bul chuk maaf
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    General Children Of Tommorow - Guru Gobind Singh -Video

    I have shown it to all my family and they love it too!!! It is such a wonderful video which shows us the innocence of youth which we should never lose. :up:
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    Controversial Pakhandi Babe - Kalyug Da Bhanna

    Same here. I do not understand how people can not speak their own mother tongue!!! :confused: No , it's not just your local gurudwaras, many gurudwaras that I have been to (mainly in India) do not do preach much of the sikh religion. Sorry if I offend anyone in any way, but, through my eyes...
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    General How Dumb Can You Get. Batch Ke Kurio!

    If people are not following the religion, how can they possibly be called Sihks??? Especially people who go for the 'looks' of a Sikh but do not follow the orignal message (Gurur Granth Sahib Ji) in the first place!?! bhul chuk maaf
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    General Greetings

    Hello Psycho Dave, I'm sorry but who is an athiest? :confused: I am sure that the post "14 good reasons society needs religion" would draw a lot of attention. Can u please send a link so that I would be able to read it? Thank you!!! :) P.S. I assure you that you will learn a lot about...
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    New SPN'er Introductions

    Thank you aad0002 :) Every time I come on, I always know that I am going to learn something new and exciting! I truly believe that I have gained much needed knowledge from this network. :up:
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    Hola Mohalla

    Thanks a lot! Is Hola Mohalla held at the same time every year? Who is a Nihang? No festivals are celebrated where I live, so I never knew about these festivals. Than you very much
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    General Lighter Moments

    :rofl!!: O M G THESE JOKES ARE SO FUNNY!!! :rofl!!: laughter is the best medicine...for life...
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    Hola Mohalla

    Wow thats intersting! I never knew much about Holla Mohala, I always thought that it was the throwing of the colours and that was it!?! I would just like to ask, "How many people participate?"