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    Ashamed To Be Sikh

    Sikhism has 10 GURUS including GURU GRANTH SAHIB manifested IK OANKAR SATGUR PRASAD Islam has 1 Allah and 1 Muhammad Christianity has 1 Jehovah and 1 Christ Judaism has 1 Yahwah and 1 Moses because obviously Sikhism so large like the universe it will take time (yes macro-time) for...
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    General Is Preaching Allowed On This Forum?

    Each post is moderated quickly to suit the Singh Sabha movement and it seems the Anglo-saxons run this forum with sikh slaves they talk about a sikh homeland but with the fanatical AKJ and illiterate BHindranwala the thicko jatts will get no where with their khali-stan (empty land) dasam...
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    Why ARE So Many Modern British Career Women Converting To Islam?

    There are a billion Christians and a billion Muslims. Western media is pro-semitic and focuses more on the Jewish (less than Sikhs) and ignores people converting to Sikhism. Sikhism defined in a dictionary: — n 1. a member of an Indian religion that separated from Hinduism and was founded...