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Recent content by Critical Singh

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    A Decision On The Razor's Edge

    Sorry for sounding a bit harsh but this comment represents a person with very low level of self-exteem. How having mono-brow hair makes a person dumb sans any logic or merit? This is only your personal perception. Generalizing it is a bit unfortunate and naive. Rather people reacting to...
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    False Prophets!

    Namastae Vijay Singh ji, can you do any better than cutting and pasting stuff by Swami ji, your guru, your master. :) Why should i follow your Guru and not my Guru ? :) What is your personal understanding of above statement ? Why do you, yourself, seem to follow Swami ji ? I would love to...
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    In Search Of The One True Religion

    Namastae Vijay Singh I hope you are not offended, its just an open discussion. I think its more to do with cultural and upbringing rather than religion, in some cases. And generalising this is immature. And let us live in reality and in not dillusion, religious followers and non-followers...
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    What Would An Ideal Reilgion According To You ?

    When we call Sikh 'Dharma', does this means Sikh Religion or a Way of Life ?
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    Sikhism And Homosexuality

    Veerji, you dont have to shift bases to indulge in discussions. Welcoming a new member is a general courtesy. ;) So, you are welcome to the forums. Breath easy veerji, so, do you think Maharaj can be insulted this way? ang or limb ? What do we mean by 'Panna' ? Doesn't this word in gurumukhi...
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    Prominent Sikh Women

    Can you also show us some prominent sikh women on our present generation. Regards
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    Christianity The Da Vinci Code

    Read ? I have never even heard about this term... :(
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    Sikh News Apology From Mughal Emperor Family

    Does anybody have any further info on this? Does it really matter now that a descendant of the Mughal emperor apologize for sins that she was no way responsible for? International Human Rights Organisation Head Office: Chamber 210, Judicial Complex, Ludhiana- 141 001 Tel & fax: 91 161 240...
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    Islam If Muslims Loved Their Faith Like Sikhs

    Hi I struct upon this post on a Muslim forum... its very interesting... :-)
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    Are Philosophy And Religion Polar Opposites?

    Isnt religion is a collection or congression of philosophies ? I dont know ? Would love to read the discussion in this topic.
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    A True Warrior

    good story !!
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    Universality Of The Sikh Philosophy: An Analysis

    Another cool article !!
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    Bogey Men

    Nice articles Tejwant Ji, keep them coming !!
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    Use To Be Disciple

    anybody has got reply to his query ?