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Recent content by Brother Onam

  1. Brother Onam

    History And Her-story

    Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fateh! I would like to personally extend my thanks to the honourable I.J.Singh ji for such a bold and well-composed writing. I think shining a light into this lacuna is a crucial first step. We're sometimes reluctant to rock the boat with impertinent...
  2. Brother Onam

    I Feel That A Lot Of Sikh's Are Spiritually Dead

    Yeah, might be more accurate to say 'lots of spiritually dead Punjabis'. As you said, if the spirit is not vibrant, you are not among the Sikhs.
  3. Brother Onam

    Sardars In The NYPD?

    Forgive me if this has been mentioned elsewhere (I haven't seen it), but in recent news, as well as other Sikh sites, I've seen an item announcing a big victory for Sikhs: The New York Police Department has, after much discussion, allowed Sikh officers to wear a one-inch beard! To me, this...
  4. Brother Onam

    The "light Skin" Ideal

    On one hand, I think there is some historical truth to it. The gurus, from what I understand, as well as the Khalsa, were generally drawn from Aryan/Punjabi population, so I think it's fair to presume that they would have been inclined towards lighter complexions. The broad varieties of Sikh...
  5. Brother Onam

    Is Everyone A Sikh?

    Sat Sri Akaal, I certainly wouldn't call everyone a Sikh, unless we have no problem with bleeding all meaning from language. There is a specific thought indicated by the term 'Sikh', just as other words have come into usage to indicate specific things. Saying everyone is a Sikh reminds me of...
  6. Brother Onam

    Is It Better To Just Insulate Yourself In Your Own World?

    RD1 ji, Thank you for the excellent, heartfelt post. I certainly feel you in regards to being aware of all the trials and hardships that are being played out on this earthly plane. In these times, I'm thankful for anyone who questions and contemplates these issues. Maybe I just work amongst a...
  7. Brother Onam

    The Sikh Turban As An Energy Channel?

    3HO came from the mind of Yogi Bhajan, and Yogi Bhajan was appealing to a bunch of white hippies in the 70's; this is the cultural milieu this doctrine sprang from. So while I think there is indeed some truth regarding spiritual energies and hair, and turbans as well, I think anything Yogi...
  8. Brother Onam

    Jehovah's Witnesses Are Out And Converting!

    If you've been watching recent news you may have seen that Jehovah's Witnesses have begun going through camps of Syrian war refugees, handing out literature, converting people and promising to make their lives easier if they accept Jehovah. That's a pretty wretched way to proselytize: hitting...
  9. Brother Onam

    Are Sikhs Allowed To Fish?

    Sat Sri Akaal, When I was a young boy, my father took me fishing. We were also fishing just for pleasure. I finally caught one fish and found that the barbed hook had gone through the cheek and emerged from the eye socket. Yes, we did manage to unhook it and the fish did swim away, but what a...
  10. Brother Onam

    Interracial And Interfaith Marriage, Help Needed To Confront/convince My Parents

    Original ji, If I recall the beginning of this discussion, the young man was explaining that his father was basically coming from a Punjabi angle and was not particularly interested in Sikh belief. It seemed he was rather viewing this union as scandalous because it violated his perception of...
  11. Brother Onam

    Interracial And Interfaith Marriage, Help Needed To Confront/convince My Parents

    Sat Sri Akal, According to your description it seems none of the four people involved has any particular interest in Sikhi, so it's odd to be discussing this on a Sikh forum. Pops appears to have a posture of gut-bigotry and perhaps some inchoate desire to defend his understanding of Punjabi...
  12. Brother Onam

    Sikhi VAND CHHAKNA: The Sikh Way Of Sharing & Caring

    WJKK WJKF That's a lot of wisdom in one short article! Excellent thoughts; thank you!
  13. Brother Onam

    Controversial Watch 3 Badass Women Destroy Stereotypes About Body Hair

    Careful. If you watch the (6 minute) video, you'll hear them say 'like' 78 times. It got so jarring, I couldn't help but count along.
  14. Brother Onam

    Is God Fond Of Long Hair And Turbans ?

    I think it's less a question of Har loving long hair and turbans and more a question of recognizing the sacredness. At the heart of most troubles on this Earth is what the author Jerry Mander called 'The Absence of the Sacred'; the forgetting the matchless preciousness of this holy world. So we...