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    Islam Women In Sikhism And Islam

    You are talking about the viewpoint of people who follow religions. If you belive in GOD in real sense than you cant escape Sikhism whether you accept it or not.
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    Good Or Bad Individuals In Sikhism

    Can you tell if someone is good or bad in Sikhism
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    Islam Women In Sikhism And Islam

    i read on one of the islamic sites that quoran did promote education for women. i wd send u the link. There are many other good things too.
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    What Does Sikhism Say About Adam And Eve?

    Does Sikhism believe in Adam and Eve story? If not then are Islam and Christianity baseless?
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    Islam Women In Sikhism And Islam

    I was wondering about how good or bad is the status of women in Sikhism is as compared to Islam.