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Recent content by bairaagi

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    God Particle (Higgs Boson): Implications For Science And Gurbani

    Adding to that, the name GOD particle is hype created by media. The scientist named it so because publishers won't let them call it god damn particle . Particle is crucial to understand the structure of matter but it is very illusive in nature. One should avoid seeking answers to...
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    Support For The Concept Of Reincarnation In Sikhism?

    This post forced me to put up my thoughts as well. I am also very much impressed with the following theories/movies : 1. E=mc2 2. Big Bang Theory 3. Special Theory of relativity 4. Matrix Trilogy (loosely based in Shreemad Bhagwat Geeta) 5. Inception Movie E=mc2 : Explains how energy and mass...
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    (Forgotten Sikhs) Hindus That Are Sikhs/ Sikhs That Are Hindus

    Re: (Forgotten Sikhs)Hindus that are Sikhs/ Sikhs that are hindus. To be honest I have never felt discriminated by other sikhs from Punjab or delhi. It is just their curiosity which I was unable to answer. They actually feel happy about this community. The issue I wanted to Highlight is bigger...
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    MUKTI- Different Types And What Gurbani Says

    This is very honest and philosophical question. Sometimes similar questions come to my mind . Few are here , please forgive me if they sound funny : If we say that soul is nothing but just divided part of God . And Divided soul is separated and blinded by illusion called by Maya. Why would god...
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    (Forgotten Sikhs) Hindus That Are Sikhs/ Sikhs That Are Hindus

    Re: (Forgotten Sikhs)Hindus that are Sikhs/ Sikhs that are hindus. I will mail you my contact details. I live in Gurgaon so you can meet me in Delhi as well if you want. BTW the exact location of these villages is not very far from Delhi. They are spread in District Amroha (J.P. Nagar) and...
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    1984 Anti-Sikh Pogrom Where Were The Nihangs In 1984?

    I agree that weapons are out of trend. I was explaining the practical situation today and trying to compare it with scenario 300 years ago that to fight one would need auto weapons. One cannot live in past and has to change with time. If a religion does not change with time then there will be...
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    1984 Anti-Sikh Pogrom Where Were The Nihangs In 1984?

    Question is how ? At the time of Guru Gobind Singh , sikhs were provided training for the weapons and martial arts (for those interested) . This is not feasible today in so called civilized world. If someone starts such practice then risk of declaring terrorist or naxalites by govt. is there ...
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    UK Sikh Priests Raped Prostitute After She Turned Down Sex Demands

    Agree with Kanwaljeet Singh. Bana is identity now which is reflected in entire article . See how many times reported has used word Sikh did this , sikh dis that. I have never read an article with heading : Christian raped a woman or Christian did a murder.
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    Islam Should Muslims Reconsider Animal Slaughter On Eid?

    I have seen many Muslims reconsidering this rituals in my neighborhood but their reasons are different . They are not able to afford Goats because of large family size (at least 8 children per pair) and sky touching Inflation :D
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    India Badals Afraid Of Losing Sehajdhari Case: Dr Ranu

    This entire episode is very unfortunate (very soon will be shameful to entire community) . These matters should be sorted out internally by discussions and not by court. Sikhs are the only community which don't want to accept people born in their own religion. Why we want to reduce the...
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    1984 Anti-Sikh Pogrom Where Were The Nihangs In 1984?

    Only one answer : The time has changed . Now a day everyone is responsible for his own defense. Ideally military or police is supposed to do this job but unfortunately they are controlled by Governments. And you know the role of govts/police/military is well known in this situations. Even cases...
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    Judaism Abraham The Monotheist & Sikhi

    <SARCASM> Never knew 1. There are multiple one God(s) :D 2. We can name the one(s) as per our religion. (Hamara wala One God) </SARCASM> I still don't understand how can we name,define,describe something which is present before origin of cosmic world,space,time,name,definition etc. (the...
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    Learn Punjabi Ji As In "Gurufateh Ji"?

    Re: Ji? Ji is used to show gesture of respect in India. This is used in many languages in here. You can use it after name or any other salutation. example : Sir ji , bhai ji , mummy ji , papa ji , uncle ji :D
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    USA Should Men Get A Say In When Women Should Have A Child?

    Biologically the contribution of Man in child's birth is in the terms of transferring sperms (reproductive cells) into female body. The rest of the process is taken care by women body. The entire body of child is formed from mother's flesh,blood. Other chemicals required are sourced from women...
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    Arts/Society Comedian Jaspal Bhatti Dies In Road Accident In Punjab

    Bhatti Ji was more than comedian. Great sense of humor and liked satirist . R.I.P. May god give patience to family to overcome this loss.