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Recent content by Archived_member7

  1. Archived_member7

    Politics Sikhs Fleeing Swat Struggle To Find Shelter - 30 May 09

    Kzf/babbar khalsa/all the organisations who grit their teeth over deras and beadbis are you listening ??or you dont have the guts in you to face this ?
  2. Archived_member7

    Your Milk On Drugs (Worth Watching)

    start learning cattle managment guysssss !!!!!! back to old days of Punjab :)
  3. Archived_member7

    We're Even More Racist Than Aussies

    The opinion here is based on the follower for a christian it is the bible , for a muslim it is the quran. I am bombarded with pamphets "if you are not a ....you are missing something" , I am happy missing that 'something' and being a sikh !:)
  4. Archived_member7

    Doing Nitnem While Having A Morning Walk

    I have done naam simran in a better way whenever i am travelling in a vehicle rather than at home sitting. I have also wondered about this .
  5. Archived_member7

    What Is Beadbi?

    I request you to read the post once more, perhaps there is a lack of understanding. do i understand beadbi when a KZF wants to act crazy?? does a mismanaged position of sitting,possibly in error, amount to cold blooded murder ? If changing the Guruji's Shabad and still potraying that this is...
  6. Archived_member7

    What Is Beadbi?

    that letter posted is the second one which steps back on the 1st claim, i m looking for the first one.
  7. Archived_member7

    What Is Beadbi?

    1st letter
  8. Archived_member7

    What Is Beadbi?

    i have attached the letters
  9. Archived_member7

    What Is Beadbi?

    I found the link on the sikhsangat website, prior to this akash radio a channel from UK had published their letter KZF says priests were dishonoring Guru Granth Sahib Ji KZF, in another e-mail sent to Akash Radio today 28th May, has issued a statement giving reasons for the Vienna incident...
  10. Archived_member7

    Sikh Rebel Turns Healer

    Sikh Rebel Turns Healer Chandigarh, Punjab: He was once the most feared man in Punjab after Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale. Now he practises amateur homoeopathy. Wassan Singh Zaffarwal, former chief of the Khalistan Commando Force, did not travel to Amritsar today to attend a ceremony that marked...
  11. Archived_member7

    What Is Beadbi?

    Gur Fateh People I am new to this forum, I felt to share my thoughts and am beginning my journey of learning more from this forum. The recent events which have been taking place have kept me wondering. HOw as a sikh will I take something as Beadbi.For me, Beadbi is insult to the Gurus, the...
  12. Archived_member7

    Hinduism Hindu Scholars Ask For 'kirtan' Award At Grammys

    Hindu scholars ask for 'kirtan' award at Grammys Wed, Apr 29 08:35 PM London, April 29 (IANS) Hindu scholars are calling on Grammy Awards bosses to add a new category for traditional Indian music at the annual awards ceremony. Officials at the Universal Society of Hinduism are urging Grammy...
  13. Archived_member7

    Europe's Caste System

    http://www.nytimes. com/2009/ 04/27/world/ europe/27hungary .html?ref= world As Economic Turmoil Mounts, So Do Attacks on Hungary’s Gypsies April 26, 2009 TISZALOK, Hungary — Jeno Koka was a doting grandfather and dedicated worker on his way to his night-shift job at a chemical plant last...
  14. Archived_member7

    Sikh News Muslim Gang Beats Sikh For Defending Woman

    Aad ji ..the sad part is ..such a 'hard part of town' is usually a muslim dominated ...i seen this in mumbai...in indore where i reside now ...
  15. Archived_member7

    Rai Sikhs In Ferozepur Rely On Dera, Not Sikhism

    well i am loss to understand how did u come to conclusion that i was saying India own Sikhi...Aad ji ..i seek further clarification