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Recent content by Annie

  1. Annie

    Universality, Intention In Sikhism & Other Religions

    Yes, I see what you are saying, and for the most part, I agree. I had most of the values of a Sikh long before I learned what Sikhi was, just from listening to my conscience and the universe. But I really do like coming to this sangat sometimes to learn new ideas I might not have thought of by...
  2. Annie

    Islam After Threats, Fatwa Issued Against Kashmir's All-girl Rock Band

    These girls and their parents are very brave. Whether they have success or not as a band, they are changing the world. I hope they will be safe. There are a few videos of them on YouTube. Sorry, I am not able to create a link. They seem like good musicians for people their age, regardless of...
  3. Annie

    The Ten Methods Of Meditating On The World That Can Lead To Happiness And Fulfillment

    Thank you for this, Vouthon ji. You are a smart young man. It makes me sad that in my nine years in Catholic schools, I was taught only the mundane and superficial theory; the Bible taken literally, at face value. So many people have no clue that this other side of Christianity exists. It amazes...
  4. Annie

    General Need Of Serious Help - I Want To Die

    HSSingh ji, Im glad you are reaching out for help. Listen to Harry ji. He is very wise. I want to add these things... Sometimes hormones or medical problems can affect the way people think. Please go see a doctor, to find out if there might be a medical cause for your depression. Do you...
  5. Annie

    Exploring The Need For A Step-by-Step Manual On Following Sikhi Way Of Life

    I suggest that you just read what interests you, and one day soon you will be surprised by how much you have learned. Then maybe you can find one Sikh friend who will take you to Gurudwara with him or her. One more thing... every day, do one thing that you are afraid to do.
  6. Annie

    Controversial The Wiles Of Woman: Research And Statistics To Represent An Alternative Viewpoint

    Thank you for this link, BhagatSingh ji. What I get from this is that both men and women are hurting. They are hurting for different reasons. They express it and deal with it differently, but they are all hurting. We could all try to do a better job of working more constructively together on...
  7. Annie

    Canada Sikh Nation’s Annual Blood Drive Aims To Keep Alive Memory Of Innocent Sikhs Murdered In India

    This blood drive is a great idea. The website does not list any donation centers in my area, and I dont think there are enough Sikhs living in my area to make a special donation center possible. I want to suggest that any Sikhs who are not able to go to a donation center, then go to ANY...
  8. Annie

    Trick Or Treat

    It says he lives in Washington DC, the Capitol of the USA... where all the politicians live. No wonder he has such a bad opinion of Americans. Haha! I like to get dressed up in a mostly homemade costume, go to a busy area of the city with my sons (ages 12 and 24) and look at peoples...
  9. Annie

    Controversial The Wiles Of Woman: Research And Statistics To Represent An Alternative Viewpoint

    Thank you, FindingMyWay ji. We need to fight against all forms of victimization and unfairness, whether it is against women or men. I never want to fall into the mindset of, my group suffers more than yours, so I will ignore your suffering.
  10. Annie

    Trick Or Treat

    I LOVE Halloween. For one day a year I get to be anything I want and nobody even thinks its weird. Plus, theres candy! :happykudi: Who cares if it has pagan origins? Its done in fun. Besides, there is no Hindu, there is no Muslim.
  11. Annie

    Islam American Pens Quran Against Islamophobia

    Thank you, Namji{censored}aur ji. It is lovely art. I especially like that the artist is trying to promote peace and understanding. I followed the links and found his website, which is wonderful - http://everitte.org/
  12. Annie

    Street Smart

    Very nice. I think the young man has an amazing and meaningful future ahead of him. You can find some of Seti X's work on YouTube. He seems to be well liked.
  13. Annie

    Need Urgent Advice

    I am curious about the age of this young man. If he is very young, it may be that he is acting immature and impulsive. There is more chance that he may change. Still, Waheguruhelpme ji, you should be very careful. I feel strongly about this because I spent five years with a controlling...
  14. Annie

    Need Urgent Advice

    It sounds like this husband to be is manipulative and selfish. Do you want to spend the rest of your life being treated this way every time he wants something? It's just my opinion, but I say get away from that man before it is too late, you can find a much better one.